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O'Reilly helping to fast-track Ohio Judge Connor's impeachment

Reported by Chrish - March 16, 2006

Bill O'Reilly had the Attorney General of Ohio as a guest on The Factor tonight, 3/15/06. They're stacking the wood and ready to strike the match for Judge Connor.

O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo is more encitement with a dash of disengenuousness: he says the judge gave the defendant Selva probation, not mentioning the first year being under house arrest, and receiving mandatory counseling, and then probation.

As reported Monday and Tuesday, the big BORe is on the warpath, trying to take down another Judge who has handed down a sentence which has outraged Bill. I'd sum it up for you but I can't because I only know one side, the talking points that have so enraged O'Reilly and his followers. O'Reilly wants the judge fired for coddling a child-rapist and has enlisted the minions to go after the Judge.

Jim Petro, Ohio AG, who says he fought against Connor's re-election 2 years ago, is as outraged and emotional as O'Reilly. Petro is gung-ho for punishment and is even offended when a former state official convicted of "gross theft" was let out of prison a year early for good behavior.

"We don't do personal attacks" O'Reilly then counted off the Judge's personal problems in the past: he has a couple of DUI convictions, and "a number of other arrests, including some kind of cocaine beef. How can a judge with that kind of rap sheet have authority in the state of Ohio? He protects himself by saying first that "millions of Americans" have asked him, via the radio show, email, the website, so he's just asking on their behalf. Petro replies that he runs and he is elected to office. He has a lot of name recognition so he gets re-elected. Comment: Where was O'Reilly's indignation when Bush (one DUI, some kind of cocaine beef)/Cheney (two DUIs) were running for office?

Petro admits that he campaigned aggressively for Connor's opponent. O'Reilly implies that it is because Connor is a Democrat and Columbus county is liberal (Petro kind of wrecks it by interjecting "Somewhat") that Connor got re-elected - " obviously you wouldn't put a guy like this back on the bench if it was a conservative county, wouldja?" Petro complains that "that's the problem with the system of electing judges," Connor has a well-known name (implying that voters are ignorant of issues and vote on familiarity and name recognition. I don't know that I disagree with him - there's that Bush thing again.)

O'Reilly notes that the AG, the Governor (Taft), and the House Speaker (Husted), all Republicans, want Connor out. The petition process, where 41,000 signatures would need to be collected, and then a trial would be held, is the lengthier option. A concurrent resolution by two-thirds majorities in both chambers can remove the judge in a shorter time, providing they move on it quickly. Both men agree that is desireable, big thanks all around, end of segment.

Comment: The reporting on the case, what there was of it, is over. It's now all about getting this Democratic judge removed and putting another notch in advocate O'Reilly's loofah.

I've got a few questions for O'Reilly: if the people of Ohio repeatedly re-elect this judge, who are you to come in from NY and stir up a storm and advocate his removal by the state? Isn't that overturning the will of the people? Why are you rushing it through (like the Patriot Act) before people can closely examine and analyze it? Who have they got waiting in the wings for the job?

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