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Fox's Favorite Porn Star, Mary Carey, Says She's Been "Hit on By Lots of Drunk Republicans"

Reported by Melanie - March 16, 2006

One of Neil Cavuto's guests today (March 16, 2006) was Mary Carey, the porn star who fancies herself a politician in her spare time. Carey is a Fox fave, and apparently a White House fave too. According to Carey, she met with Karl Rove last June and advised him on "important national issues."

In keeping with the sex theme that is ever-present on Cavuto's show, Carey not only appeared as a guest again but was wearing a dress with a top that looked something like this. She was, as Cavuto would say, perky and abreast of the issues, and Fox was on top of it.

Introducing Carey, Cavuto said "Jessica Simpson may be snubbing the President tonight at the big Republican powwow in Washington, but my next guest is not."

Though she was obviously excited about hanging out with George Bush tonight, she complained that Republican's "wouldn't allow" her to attend a luncheon last Tuesday. She said she thinks they're "afraid of me because, you know, they think that they might lose a lotta their voters because I know that a lot of the Republican voters were, you know, really strong Christians."

Cavuto wondered how "they treat you personally."

Stroking her hair and thrusting her chest from side to side, Carey replied that, "Um, well, the women were kinda snobby with me on the phone. They were like, 'I understand that Mary Carey wants to attend the dinner.' But, the guys in the NRCC [National Republican Congressional Committee] are very, very nice. I signed autographs for the Secret Service last time I was there. I've gotten hit on by lots of drunk Republicans."

Cavuto: "REALLY?!"

Carey: "Yeah, I've been, you know, actually, even last time..."

Cavuto, interrupting: "Can you tell us anyone in particular who's really high and mighty?"

Carey: "Um, I don't know any, you know, cause I forget their names a lotta times. I remember last time though, a congressman wanted a picture of me..."

And with that, no doubt fearing that the territory was getting a bit dicey, Cavuto interrupted Carey and ended the segment.

Comment: This post is dedicated to all the "really strong Christians" out there who believe that their Republican brethren in the NRCC and in the RNC (and at Fox News) are straight-laced, zipped-up, righteous guys who would never, ever act on their lust for boobs the size of Mary Carey's much less "hit on" someone who's a porn - as in PORNOGRAPHY - star.

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