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Hannity Blames Clinton And Gore For 9/11, The Problems In Iraq and The War On Terror. If The U.S. Gets Hit With Another Terrorist Attack, Will He Call For Liberals To Be Rounded Up?

Reported by Ellen - March 15, 2006

Sean Hannity, unable to face the reality of present day America – the one with Bush’s approval ratings in the tank, with most Americans disapproving of his handling of the war and saying that Democrats would do a better job with it than Republicans – dealt with it the only way he knew how: Change the subject and scapegoat those he disagrees with.

You’d think that even a one-trick pony like Sean Hannity could come up with something a little more – well, post 9/11 than resurrecting the old “September 11 was all Clinton’s fault” routine. It’s not like we haven’t heard it all before from Hannity, though not usually with ready-to-go video of the USS Cole and the first World Trade Center bombing. But maybe poor Hannity was having some kind of stress-related amnesia. Last night, in a segment that purported to be about Al Gore’s speech in Florida, we suddenly got “the timeline” of events (that just happened not to include anything about President Bush) concluding with Hannity asking why the Clinton administration hadn’t stopped the terrorist threat.

The only guest was conservative Richard Miniter who (Surprise! Surprise!) agreed with Hannity. Referring to the attack on the Cole, Miniter said, “Most times when a US warship is attacked, that’s a cause of war… Listen to that Gore quote again. He’s asking for reports, NOT action.”

Hannity, who never tires of accusing liberals of “intellectual dishonesty” reprised what he knows is a lie – Clinton being offered Bin Laden “on a silver platter.” Miniter, introduced as an “investigative journalist,” either didn’t know or didn’t mind that Hannity was lying.

From there, Hannity segued into another of his un-American attacks on dissent. “What’s more sinister to me, Richard, is Gore now undermining this president in this war, even though they set this up… The impact of those words to our enemies and our allies around the world. Frankly, it puts our troops in greater danger, does it not?”

Miniter was ready to agree with that, too. “And it puts all Americans in greater danger. Look, Sean, there used to be a tradition in this country that politics stops at the water’s edge. (Hannity muttered “Not any more.”) When the Democrats are in power, the Republicans certainly don’t criticize their conduct of foreign policy. Now the country’s at war… and it’s not the time for former presidents like Carter and Clinton or Vice Presidents like Al Gore to be undermining the nation’s unity at a time when we’re at war.”

Funny how Hannity forgot some of the things he said during the Kosovo war when Clinton was president. Must be that amnesia again. So we’ll just remind him. On April 5, 1999, Hannity said, "They didn't anticipate the refugee problem, and they didn't anticipate that they would also run out of bombs. So it seems that we're talking about a very ill-conceived military action here. And now the question is, do you go in further and deeper, or do you pull back and rethink what the strategy's going to be here, because there has really been no stated goal, mission or objective."

On April 1, 1999, he said, "Joint chiefs doubted the strategy from the very beginning. And the outline, they didn't think the air campaign would work. And they turned out to be right. They didn't prepare for the refugee problem. They didn't prepare that Milosevic would up the ante against the ethnic Albanians, none of this. There was no preparation at all here."

(HT Daily Kos)

Alan Colmes sounded outraged when it was his turn. “I can’t believe you’re sitting here and blaming anybody who disagrees with a failed policy in Iraq for undermining the president. I can’t believe you’re sitting here years later blaming Bill Clinton whose adviser, Sandy Berger, told Condoleezza Rice “Look out for Osama Bin Laden.” Colmes quoted Bush’s contradictory statements about getting Bin Laden – we’ll get him dead or alive then saying he didn’t think about him any more. “Was that the appropriate response?”

Miniter tried to avoid the question but when Colmes pressed, Miniter finally admitted, “I don’t think that was the wisest course.” But he insisted that “capturing bin Laden is the number one concern of theirs.”

Oops, time was up, even though Colmes should have gotten at least 30 seconds more to have parity with Hannity.

As the music started, Hannity added peevishly, “Al Gore is just a disgrace to be saying what he’s saying while troops are in harm’s way… Almost unimaginable in light of 9/11.”

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