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Fox - Repeat - There Is No Civil War In Iraq

Reported by Donna - March 15, 2006

There was only time for one stance on the war in Iraq today on Studio B with Shepard Smith and that was the 'there's no civil war in Iraq' side. Bret Baier reporting from the Pentagon just had time to tell us that 700 to 800 more soldiers were being sent to Iraq in anticipation of an upcoming religious pilgrimage for Shiites and to show us a video of General John Abizad to assure the masses that there is no civil war in Iraq.

Under the banner: Abizaid - Iraq Not On The Verge Of Civil War' Baier gave his report.

Baier first announced that the head of Central Command, General George Casey, was ordering 700 to 800 more troops to come into Iraq from Kuwait in anticipation of an upcoming Shiite holy pilgrimage, where 10's of thousands of Iraqis will be coming into two Iraqi cities. He then cut to the General John Abizaid video:

General John Abizaid: I believe that we are not on the verge of a civil war. I believe that the sectarian issues are controllable and I believe that the government of national untiy will emerge. And, I believe that Iraqi Security Forces will continue to improve.

Cut back to Baier and he spoke about a foiled major plot by Al Qaeda that had failed because of U.S. and Iraqi Security Forces. He said the plot involved some 400 Al Qaeda operatives were infiltrating the Iraqi Security Forces who were guarding the Green Zone, that heavily protected zone where the U.S. and British embassies are located. That plot involved possibly getting hostages and then calling for the U.S. and British to withdraw.

Comment: Compare this to CNN coverage who also covered General Abizaid's words but who also gave the side of the Democrats, showing a clip with Senator Harry Reid standing with two families of fallen soldiers in Iraq and also putting forth the fact that Democrats are claiming that they are emphasizing the incompetence of President Bush and this White House when it comes to Iraq.

Now, if Fox was truly balanced, wouldn't we have gotten the Democrats point of view on this segment? No, they feed the sheeple what they want the sheeple to hear.

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