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After Two Years of Bashing the UN, Fox Loves it Now (Anything for the Bushies)

Reported by Melanie - March 15, 2006

After two years of bashing anything and everything having to do with the United Nations, it was fascinating to watch today (March 15, 2006) as Fox's Neil Cavuto conducted an interview with Ileana Ros-Lehtien (R-FL) and Ron Paul (R-TX) about legislation to sanction companies and countries who do business with Iran, a bill the Bush administration opposes, because it wants the issue to play out in the - per Fox - hated (and I mean hated) UN.

Cavuto opened the segment by saying that the legislation would "tighten sanctions against Iran" by cutting off "all US aid to any country or company doing business with that nation." (What Cavuto didn't say was that the legislation would only sanction a country or company investing more than $20 million in Iran's energy sector.) Cavuto said the White House thinks "it's a bad idea" and that it "wants the UN Security Council to deal with Iran's nuclear threat. It fears this new bill may hurt efforts to reach a worldwide consensus on Iran."

Cavuto's audience was surely scratching its collective head. After being taught that the UN is a corrupt, wholly incompetent institution for years, they undoubtedly wondered why in the world the Bush administration would trust it to get anything right. But, here we go with another example of the Bush administration having made its bed and now needing to uncomfortably lie in it while it flip-flops, with Fox's help, all over the map.

Ros-Lehtien, the sponsor of the House bill, said there are "only certain tool boxes available to us." Iran is a "pariah state," trying "to do all it can to have nuclear weapons," and it poses a "national security threat" to the US. She said her bill has the support of over 350 members of congress.

Paul said he recalled a similar 1998 bill sanctioning Iraq which he then "predicted would lead to war." He said Ros-Lehtien's bill is a "tough statement" that "really means regime change." He said sanctions are "in a way an aggressive action. This is an act of war. Sanctions did not work in Iraq."

Advocating on behalf of the Bush administration (but contrary to his countless anti-UN rants of the past two years), Cavuto turned to Ros-Lehtien and said there "is this effort to try to deal within the UN. We've been criticized in the past for being a little cavalier. The President wants to try to make the UN stick. We've got France with us now. That maybe if it does it could do more than anything you can do with this bill. What do you say?"

Ros-Lehtien said we have to "hope and pray" that the UN will be effective with Iran, and "I think we should start praying now." She said her bill will "go a long way" to telling other countries to "stop what they're doing," investing in the "infrastructure of the nuclear power of Iran."

Cavuto, again advocating for the Bush administration said, "But, why don't you just give the UN a little more time? You're saying they're a joke, pretty much?" (More Fox audience head scratching could be heard in the background.)

Ros-Lehtian said, we have been "in negotiations" with the "Iranian theocrats" for "many years."

Cavuto turned to Paul and asked him what he thought of that.

Paul said it's "all blown out of proportion." He said there has been "no proof of any violations of any rules or regulations. There's no evidence that he's developing a nuclear bomb." This is a "lot of scare tactics" like what was "thrown at Iraq." I don't see "one way that Iran is a threat to us." He said we should "look after our own national security."

Cavuto wondered whether our national security would be "threatened if Iran had the bomb."

Paul said it couldn't be "any worse" than having "30,000 nuclear missiles" pointed at us by the Soviets during the Cold War. He wondered if we "had to have regime change" then. He said we should use "containment. I mean, it's absurd!" he yelled.

Cavuto, in quintessential Cavuto, said, does it worry you that Iran is "run by a nut"?

A very frustrated Paul said he couldn't "be more nuts than Stalin!" We said we "reward" India and Pakistan for "defying convention...it makes no sense now to take on Iran."

Comment: Man, this segment was fun to watch! Both Cavuto and the Bush administration have put themselves in a straight-jacket over the past three years as they've bashed the UN (and France, and Germany, and...) because of its handling of Iraq but now advocate letting the Iran issue make its way through the Security Council. I don't trust either Bush or Cavuto and I smell a rat when it comes to their intentions on Iran, but geez, it sure was entertaining watching Cavuto flip-floppin' around while he contorted into - well - at the end of the segment I could see he still had some brown stuff around his lips.

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