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O'Reilly Continues Nasty Campaign Against Ohio Judge

Reported by Deborah - March 14, 2006

O'Reilly started another campaign against Ohio Judge,John A. Connor, last night which was reported by Chrish. Tonight he continued the one sided coverage of the issue with the story of a man that Judge Connor released early from prison who had been convicted of killing two teenagers while driving drunk in 2004. The mothers of the victims appeared offering some damning unsubstantiated evidence against Connor without a peep from the great crusading journalist.

O'Reilly claimed that Judge Connor "reached into the prison system and pulled out" the man convicted of killing the 19 year olds on an Ohio freeway in 2004. There was no representative for the other side to explain Judge Connor's motivations for an early release and no indication of how much time of the original sentence had been served.

One of the mothers claimed that she had done some research on the internet and found that Judge Connor had 8 DUI convictions and cocaine had been found in his car. She gave no details about her sources or the dates of the DUIs and O'Reilly asked no questions about it. The woman talked about all the people she had told about this discovery she made and how she had been searching for someone to tell her story saying that when she heard about the Judge not sentencing the rapist, she "felt a chill." The woman claimed that she was very glad when Cathy Harper Lee called her and was going to help.

Then O'Reilly asked, "Do you blame Connor for the death of your son." Although this was a totally illogical question considering Connor was not driving the car and the act of releasing the driver happened two years after the event, the mothers should have seemed at least perplexed. One of the women actually said that she thought it could have been prevented and neither of them even hinted that Connor had nothing to do with the original accident.

O'Reilly then separated himself from their accusations about DUIs but continued his condemnation of the Judge.
" He's sober when he's on the bench. America's going to rise up. This is worse than the Vermont thing. "
He told them that they were better people than he was because "I'd be gunning for this Judge."

comment: It's interesting to note that Cathy Harper Lee from Ohio Justice Center was on last night condemning the Judge and talking about his 8 DUIs and tonight we discover that she contacted this woman to tell her story. Did she get this information from the Mother who claimed that she researched it herself or does Lee have a substantiated source.
This whole deal tonight reminded me of the insane witch hunt outside of Terri Schiavo's hospice with Hannity interviewing all those dubious people with horrible, unsubstantiated claims about Michael Schiavo. How can O'Reilly allow that kind or irresponsible behavior on his #1 show. Where were the representatives for the other side? What gives Bill O'Reilly the right to try to destroy a man's entire career because he doesn't like something he did? His belief that he indeed has that right, will bring him down one day soon.

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