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Howard Stern and FOX News mutual admiration society

Reported by Chrish - March 14, 2006

The strange coupling of over-the-top Howard Stern and uptight FOX News continued today 3/14/06 on The Big Story. Their target audiences are light-years apart; Howard goes for the young and/or arrested development crowd who enjoy crude and outrageous behaviors, and FOX caters to the repressed and disapproving scolds. Both will do whatever it takes to get that fabled youth demographic and all their buying power. With Howard going for the left and Fox going for the right, this may be a money-making match made in heaven. How else to explain all the cooing going on recently?

In the past FOX personalities have gone after Stern with a vengeance but in the more recent past he has been a guest on Bill O'Reilly's The Factor, and had a one-on-one interview last week with a very subdued Hannity sansColmes.

Now today, for the second time that I've seen, (March 7 - no post), Stern is seen praising Judge Andrew Napolitano and pointedly mentioning that he is from FOX News.

Gibson showed a clip of Stern appearing on CBS' David Letterman Show last night, discussing the lawsuit that has been filed by CBS against Stern. Letterman asks when the case will be adjudicated and Stern answers:

"I don't really know. .. I have to figure out if I want to countersue. A guy named Judge Napolitano on FOX News says that I have said that I have an excellent countersuit where I can actually get some dough out of it, which would be nice; I would love to drain the blood out of Leslie." (Moonves, head of CBS.) Letterman: yeah, it would be nice to see things go your way for a change."

The chyron under Napolitano read "Howard Stern quoting advice from the Judge on Letterman".

Not coincidentally, I'm sure, Gibson announced at the end of his "My Word" segment today that his show was debuting (again!) on Sirius this afternoon. Big money sure makes for strange bedfellows.

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