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Forbes on FOX Panel Member: Those Leaders Who Ditched Dubai Deal Should Be Impeached

Reported by Marie Therese - March 13, 2006

On Saturday March 11, 2006 the Forbes on FOX crew, shepherded by host David Asman, were pessimistic about the recent quashing of the DPW Ports deal. Rich Karlgaard, Victoria Barret and Dennis Kneale tried to sound hopeful, but in the end it was clear that they agreed in principle with their more fiery counterparts - Mike Ozanian, Jim Michaels and Quentin Hardy - who were sounding alarms about the economic future of the United States.

Rather than inform the FOX viewers that we've mortgaged the farm to foreign governments, primarily the Chinese and the Saudis, who hold big chunks of our debt, the so-called business panel just ranted on, blaming both Republicans and Democrats.

Jim Michaels, channeling the philosophy of the old robber barons, said, "This is American politics at its worst. A bunch of Democrats, showing that all they care about is to bash Bush - they don't care about our foreign policy - and a bunch of Republicans who are pandering to the worst forms of bigotry. I think this is a black eye for America and I'm embarrassed by it."

David Asman summed up Michael's remarks by saying "So, a plague on all your houses, except Bush ..."

Apparently Mr. Michaels is not embarrassed by the following statements he has made in the past:

On Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT): "Who started the opposition of John Bolton? Chris Dodd, who is a personal friend of Fidel Castro's." (Forbes on FOX, 6-26-05)

On Katrina: "David, now you're talking! The first thing they should do, when they can, is bulldoze those public projects which are breeding grounds for crime and drugs and poverty. Bulldoze the damned things. Let private enterprise put in housing. Make those tenants owners and let the government step in by subsidizing their mortgages. The government subsidizes my mortgage and your mortgage. Why the devil shouldn't they subsidize the mortgages of the poor and the invalid?" (Forbes on FOX, 9-17-05)

On Torture: "This whole thing is the biggest red herring I have ever seen. Liberal media is looking for anything to beat George Bush with and they're throwing the word 'torture' around without having the slightest idea of what torture is. Sleep deprivation is torture. Should that be made illegal? The point is I don't care if some scumbag gets roughed up a little bit if it's gonna save American lives. Torture means something different to me. It means pulling people's fingernails off, cutting their hands off. We don't do that. We never have." (Forbes on FOX, 12-1-05)

Later in the show Jim Michaels told big fib, saying that "most of the people who voted against it were Democratic - it's only a minority of the Republicans, basically, who opposed it, so it's a bipartisan disaster."

David Asman hesitated, then made a generic statement that "there were Republicans and Democrats in the mix." However he let the misstatement stand.

Mr. Michaels clearly forgot that in the House Appropriations Committee the vote was 62-2 to stop the DPW takeover of American port operation, a tally that would seem to indicate virtually universal rejection of the whole project.

David Asman's comment only confirmed what we News Hounds have suggested since this Dubai Ports World scandal started, i.e., that FOX News is an advocate not so much for the G. O. P. but for George Bush and his cronies in the White House.

Mike Ozanian was by far the most vocal in his commentary about the death of the DPW deal. Here are some his choicer comments:

The upshot is it's a devastating blow against the war on terror because it damages our relations with our Arab allies. And it's also a potentially damaging blow to our economy because this is the most protectionist our Congress has been since the 1930's

(What Ozanian really meant to say was "our Arab allies are, in fact, our Arab creditors.")

Later he said: " Congress and the Senate has lied to the American people about this deal from the beginning. First they said it was about safety. Then when it was revealed after that that the safety part of this deal would not be affected, we would still be running safety, they changed it. Then they said the Coast Guard was concerned. But when the Coast Guard said there wasn't concern, then they said: Oh, we want a 45-day review. Now they've killed it before the 45-day review. As far as I'm concerned people in the Senate and the Congress that killed this deal should be held trial for impeachment."

Jim Michaels accused Congress of the lowert form of racial profiling, but was reminded by Daivd Asman that racial profiling was something that Michaels favored. Michaels answered: "In some cases, yeah, but this is, this is a case where we're profiling friendly Arabs."

Dennis Kneale and Victoria Barret agreed that the ultimate outcome of this fiasco should be development of powerful new screening devices that can scan everything that enters or leaves our ports. Barret was less than optimistic about Congress actually spending the money to do this.

David Asman asked what the reaction would be if Halliburton got the port deal? Quentin Hardy and Dennis Kneale both agreed that any American company that got the contract should be thoroughly investigated, also.

Mike Ozanian continued, "This had nothing to do with security from the get-go. Congress knows that the mob is in charge of the ports. You have truckers coming in there with criminal records. They've done nothing about that. This has to do with stopping foreign investment in this country and it's very dangerous!"

Victoria Barret agreed, noting that it was "economic nationalism."


This show made me feellike I'd left the real world and entered Pleaseantville before the advent of color.

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