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New Assault on Academia: "Give Yale the Finger" Campaign

Reported by Marie Therese - March 10, 2006

Yesterday morning on FOX & Friends Steve Doocy interviewed two Yale graduates about their opposition to the acceptance of Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, former Taliban ambassador, as a student at Yale University. The disgruntled alumni were billed simply as Clinton Taylor, Yale Class of '96, and Debbie Bookstaber, Yale Class of '00. These two have started a campaign to mail plastic red-tipped fingernails to Yale in order to protest Mr. Hashemi's presence on campus. In a charming bit of whimsy, they've dubbed their assault on free speech "Give Yale the Finger," which is actually a perfect description of what they would like to do to the First Amendment.

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi has committed no crime, but he does adhere to beliefs many people (including yours truly) find reprehensible. His visa was approved by the U. S. State Department. He was accepted by Yale as a special student and must apply for acceptance into the regular curriculum this coming spring. He plans to return to Afghanistan when he has completed his degree in education. Yale's position is that students like Hashemi increase diversity on campus and the school argues that exposure to western education might lead him to temper his world-view.

However, Taylor and Bookstaber object to Mr. Hashem's presence on the Yale campus because of his beliefs and because he acted as a spokesman for the Taliban. They want him thrown out and then deported.

As portrayed on FOX News, Mr. Taylor came across as just a concerned Yale graduate. Certain crucial details about his background were left out, however.

In reality Clinton W. Taylor is a rising star in the right wing firmament. He's writes for Townhall.com and National Review Online and is an attorney who lives here in California. He's currently a Ph. D. candidate in political science at Stanford University. Despite this, FOX News merely identified him as a "Yale University Grad '96".

Yup, another conservative power player in the making. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if his name appeared in the papers soon. Maybe he'll run for the State Assembly or Congressman. Wonder if he's hired his publicist yet and when his personal website will be online?

Mrs. Bookstaber rose to immediate prominence in right-wing circles when John Fund of the Wall Street Journal published a letter she sent to Yale, protesting Hashemi's acceptance via a special program. That letter that was published by Michelle Malkin and the rest is history. During her F&F appearance, Mrs. Bookstaber was giddy with excitement at having achieved that pinnacle of young conservative fame, a 30-second interview with Steve Doocy!

As for Clinton W. Taylor, here's a sample of his writing style, from an article entitled "Incendiary Politics" that appeared at Townhall.com on November 29, 2005.

"... Fallujah was Al-Qaeda’s vision of paradise on earth, their ideal Taliban-style Islamic government, and it was hell. It was a nest of insurgent command and control, a site for making suicide vests and IED’s, and a slaughterhouse where beheadings were filmed and sent over the Internet to recruit more terrorists. ...

"Our troops are there to kill the enemy efficiently, not to inflict pain on them. When a bullet or a conventional explosive can do the job, it makes moral, tactical, and public-relations sense to employ it instead of WP. In this case, though, more Marines would have been killed had the Fallujah jihadists not been routed from their fortifications by the Willie-Peter rounds. Most of America sheds no tears for the head-hacking ghouls of Fallujah’s dungeons, who got no worse than they deserved, and who now reside where white phosphorus feels like a cool shower.


"So for that far-left crowd determined to cut off the Marines’ Willie-Peter, and more concerned about the welfare of Al-Qaeda’s minions than American journalists, let’s just restate the story of Fallujah like this:  

"Last November, a group of angry, energized American youths staged a very intense, well-organized and successful revolutionary "protest" against a fascist, theocratic regime in which a few incendiary devices happened to be employed.  

"Anybody got beef with that?" 


Now, remind me again which country it was that employed Nazi scientists after WWII, giving them visas so they could work in the space program and help build bigger and better atomic bombs?

If you wish to contact Yale University and express your support, not for Mr. Hashemi's ideas, but his right to express those ideas peacefully on American soil as a fully-vetted and approved legal immigrant, here are the two offices that Taylor and Bookstaber have encouraged the right-wingers to contact.

Since you won't be sending red-tipped plastic nails, your opinion should arrive BEFORE the FOX News "Nail Mail" does!

And, please, be polite. Clinton Taylor doesn't care if his supporters use invective.* Let's show Yale that we're better than that:

Yale Office of Planned Giving
(800) 445-6086
Fax No. (203) 432-5685
E-mail: Yale Office of Planned Giving

President Richard C. Levin
(203) 432-2550
E-mail: Richard Levin

* (Clinton Taylor, March 8, 2008): "Send them to Yale’s Office of Development, along with a polite (or not-so-polite) letter explaining what you think of their decision to admit Rahmatullah"

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