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Laura Ingraham Accepts That FOX News Favors GOP

Reported by Marie Therese - March 9, 2006

Republican radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, just back from her trip to Iraq, stopped in to speak with the FOX & Friends trio this morning. During a segment in which she did the best she could to paint a smiley face on the now-dead Dubai Ports World deal, she was forced to admit that things aren't looking so good for the Republican Party. In the process she made an interesting assumption about FOX News polls.

INGRAHAM: "I think there's an enormous amount of hypocrisy on the part of the Democrats who suddenly are now really tough on border security. They're sending the National Guard troops out to borders - you know, they're - to borders, doing this and that. And, also, Republicans a little bit who say "uh-oh, you know, look at these numbers". Even the FOX poll shows Bush down, so maybe we have - but some Republicans really are concerned. I mean, there are some genuine concerns about this. You know, maybe they'll be able to make some compromise as far as oversight and so forth. I think you raise a good point. I mean, factually, at first this seems really bad, but factually if you look at it now ... Well, I gotta say, at some point, when like 70% of the population is against something (struggles to find words), you know, unless you really break through factually, you're not gonna make it."

I love it. The movie OUTFOXED and blogs like News Hounds and others have succeeded in pulling back the curtain on FOX's bias. When someone like Ingraham says "Even the FOX News poll", she gives implicit acceptance to the fact that FOX News/Opinion Dynamics polls are heavily weighted toward the right and almost always favor the Republican side of any issue. It's nice to know that even shoe-string operations like OUTFOXED and News Hounds can take on the big guys.

I also found it interesting that Ms. Ingraham chose the words "border security" to describe the "hypocrisy" of the Democrats. She knew, I am sure, that, had she used the correct term of "port security" her statement would have been false. The Democrats have been screaming from the rafters that "we're not doing enough to protect our ports". However, prior to the DPW deal, that talking point was ignored, drowned out and/or ridiculed by the right-wing press, including FOX News.

Not any more.

Ingraham was forced to creatively alter her terminology in order to deliver something resembling a positive message to an increasingly demoralized GOP, faced for the first time since 1994 with the possibility of losing the House of Representatives, even in the face of the extensive Republican gerrymandering.

The Republicans may also be about to lose the edge on the "border security" issue as well. The Democratic Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, just called up the state National Guard to help patrol the southern border, an action Bill O'Reilly and others on the right have been urging the administration to do for years.

On the topic of Iraq she said that the Iraqi troops are working hand in hand with the American troops and so many Iraqis are signing up to be soldiers that they can't even process them. According to Ingraham, not even FOX News is giving enough coverage to the good things that are happening over there. I went to her site and found that most of the pictures posted are of Laura with a baby, Laura with Iraqi children, Laura with the troops, Laura in the cockpit of a plane, Laura hangin' out with the guys, Laura giving someone food, etc. It looked a lot like a publicity spread for a potential Congressional candidate!

Just like Ralph Peters, Ms. Ingraham was fully protected by U. S. troops. So, I find any statements of hers about how good things are going in Iraq to be highly suspect.

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