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Even the Iranian Ambassador Knows Fox is Biased

Reported by Janie - March 9, 2006

On Dayside yesterday, the hosts turned a segment on Iran's nuclear development over to Fox News Correspondent Greg Palkot, who was live from outside the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Co-host Juliet Huddy began the segment, "Iran threatens the United States with quote 'harm and pain' for its role in recommending Iran, the country, to the UN Security Council, stepping up the rhetoric in Iran's controversial nuclear program."

Huddy then turned the segment over to Palkot.

GP: "The military option is not on the table right NOW, in dealing with the Iranian nuclear program, and possibly nuclear weapons program, but I got to tell you guys that war of words was fierce today at the IAEA headquarters. It all happened in a session today when the various member states could get up and say what they wanted to say. Well, the Iranian Ambassador to the IAEA (Ali Asghar Soltanieh) got up and said what he wanted to say, and among his choice lines were that in fact the US had the power to cause harm and pain, but the US is also susceptible to harm and pain. Another choice line, that Washington was full of warmongers (Which he said as though it were a joke). Well, I had a little bit of a back and forth with the Iranian Ambassador on that point, take a listen":

The segment cut to a clip of a press conference from earlier in the day.

GP: "You called the United States 'warmongers', why do you call the United States warmongers?"

AAS: "I'm surprised that this question asked from Fox News. Because I'm sure that it is more tangible now, you can feel it, exactly what's happening and thousands of American citizens are killed because of these occupations and military invasions."

Comment: The Ambassador's line regarding Fox received quite a bit of laughter, and Fox looked like an absolute joke during this press conference.

The segment then went back live to Palkot.

GP: "Well that was the kind of rhetoric we were hearing from him, and it's that kind of rhetoric that has the US Ambassador to the IAEA saying that in fact, Iran is a matter of concern and he is pleased as punch because of the suspect nuclear program, that the whole dossier is being sent to the UN Security Council for a little bit of pressure. Also put it to the Director General of the IAEA, whether he thought it was a failure that, in fact, the dossier was sent from here to there, he said 'No, it's all part of one big process and that is the hope, that the Security Council will add a little bit of pressure and get Iran to act, and it could be acting quite fast. The word we're getting guys, is that on Monday or Tuesday of next week Iran and it's very fishy nuclear program will be taken up in New York. That's the word from a cool night here in Vienna, back to you guys."

Comment: Well, what exactly do you expect? One day before these Iranian comments were made, which Fox neglects to mention to hype the fear, Vice President Dick Cheney threatened Iran with "meaningful consequences" if they do not cooperate and end their nuclear program. And I'm sure the Iranians know, as well as the rest of the world, that when Cheney says "meaningful consequences", it either means going to war or getting shot in the face.

Huddy finished the segment with, "Man, Greg you should have thrown down there, when he was insulting the Fox News Channel, what's going on with that?"

Comment: Ahhh, Fox and the Bush Administration go hand in hand. Someone does or says something you don't like - threaten violence. How incredibly mature!

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