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And You Thought Cavuto Did All The Sex Stories - Greta Gives Him A Run For His Money

Reported by Donna - March 9, 2006

I'm so used to Cavuto doing the sex stories on his show (as has been reported many times by fellow News Hound, Melanie) when I decided to tune into Greta's On the Record show tonight at 10. Seems this hour was filled with two very serious issues involving two attractive women and Fox chose to show very sexy pictures to go with them.

Greta did a story on the Florida teacher, Debra LaFavre, who's back in court asking the judge to reconsider her plea agreement. LaFavre is the blond, good looking teacher who sexually assaulted a 14 year old boy. Greta spoke with LaFavre's ex-husband who is making a documentary and writing a book. (Comment: Yes, that's a great opportunistic move, he even bragged about it) But while Greta was speaking to him Fox started showing risque pictures of Debra LaFavre, in her underwear on a motorcycle, in a 'barely there' dress sitting seductively on a chair.

Fine, sensationalism and exploitation at it's best. Maybe this was a one time thing? No, because Greta then did a story on the actress, Terry Hatcher. Apparently Terry Hatcher had been molested by her uncle (by marriage) when she was a young girl. Around 3 1/2 years ago her mother showed her a newspaper that had a story about a 14 year old girl who killed herself because of being molested by Terry's uncle. At that time Terry came forth and gave secret testimony and helped get her uncle convicted and he is now serving time in prison. Terry apparently spoke about this recently to Vanity Fair.

But while this story was going on they again flashed the prerequisite risque pictures of Terry Hatcher. Cleavage shots, tight dresses and so on, one after the next.

Comments: I know that the repressed people who watch Fox are into the sensationalism, but Fox gives them the sex shots, too. The exploitation shots were ridiculous for two very serious stories. I came away thinking, 'Is this the way Fox goes after the ratings?' At the very least, I found out that Cavuto doesn't have exclusive rights to showing risque shots of women in order to boost Fox's ratings. I guess the right wing audience needed a little spice in their lives.

Like I reported, the stories are very serious, two cases of children being sexually molested by adults, one even involving a young giirl's suicide, there was absolutely no need for the risque pictures to be shown, but, there you go. Sexual exploitation is alive and well on Fox.

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