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National Prestige? We're Worried About That Now?

Reported by Donna - March 7, 2006

While doing a segment on the New Jersey High School which is holding a mock hearing about war crimes committed by President Bush, David Lee Miller on Studio B found it fitting to say the following:

"Some say it's going too far for trying to teach kids about government with no regards for the president or national prestige."

Comments: My question is - why would a a mock trial in a high school harm national prestige, hasn't this administration already made that a moot point? After a war based on trumped up intelligence, thousands and thousands dead, our failure on the Katrina disaster, people making less than they did when Bush became president and presently the Dubai port deal, we're going with -- 'some say' a mock high school trial is going to hurt the president and national prestige?

Besides using the 'some say' in making his point, Miller spoke about this mock trial affecting the president and national prestige. When you look up prestige in the Merriam Webster dictionary you find:

1 : standing or estimation in the eyes of people : weight or credit in general opinion

With the president's approval rating fluctuating between 34 and 38% in the polls, I think a mock high school hearing about whether or not he committed war crimes isn't really going to sway people one way or the other. As for national prestige, it's been a while since we've had that. With all the failures of this administration do they really think that 'some people' give a damn about a mock trial at a high school? Give me a break.

They did produce one of the 'some say' however. It was a former City Councilman (curious - wonder how long it took to find him?) who said, "One of the things that disturbs me is that we try and make our president, in a time of war, look like a war criminal. To me that's disrespectful. To our troops, disrespectful to those who are serving."

Please, give me another break! Our troops aren't concerned about our students having mock trials in their high schools, they're more concerned with how this war is going, is it now a civil war, do they have the proper armor?

The bad thing about this mock trial? That they didn't let the students come to a decision. And that, I believe, is a result of all the heavy handed media coverage. Shame.

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