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Sean Hannity’s Latest Target For Tyranny: Yale University

Reported by Ellen - March 3, 2006

There is no person, place or thing that Sean Hannity doesn’t feel he has the right to dictate to. Putting aside (temporarily, I’m sure), his orders for Mexico and the State of Vermont, his latest object of tyranny is Yale University.

Apparently, Yale has admitted a student, Rahmatullah Hashemi, who is a former spokesman for the Taliban. For the third night in a row last night (3/2/06), Hannity, the college dropout who seems to believe he knows everything, used that story to attack his regular scapegoats: academia and liberals. I’m surprised he didn’t work into his rants an attack on Bill Clinton, a Yale alumnus.

Last night, a Yale alumnus “and program officer for the Young America’s Founcation,” (another conservative group advocating against liberal thought) Captain Flagg Youngblood was on hand for the sole purpose of fanning the flames of Hannity’s hatred. Last night’s “news” was that Yale, while allowing Mr. Hashemi to attend classes, does not allow ROTC on campus. But, as Alan Colmes revealed in the introduction to the discussion, ROTC has not been allowed on campus since 1969 - hardly a new development.

So why was Hashemi admitted to Yale? The night before, a FOX News producer ambushed Hashemi on campus and seemed proud to have frightened him. But “real journalism, fair and balanced” FOX News didn’t bother to have anyone investigate or explain Yale's decision. Maybe they were too busy scouting around for connections between Hashemi and Clinton. Like many bullies, reasoned debate is just not for them.

But since I’m not a bully, I’ll put forth a few facts that Hannity conveniently overlooked as he always does when he’s condemning other people. 1) According to a lengthy New York Times article (which will only temporarily be available to non-subscribers), Rahmatullah was offered a job in the Karzai administration in Afghanistan. Hmmm. Isn’t Karzai the president we back?

2) As the UK’s Timesonline reports, Rahmatullah spent most of his formative years in the slums of Quetta, a refugee from the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.” (you know, that time while the US supported the Taliban.) “’When the Taleban took control of Kandahar in 1994 ‘nobody opposed them, not even the United Nations,’ he says. ‘They were seen as saviours. I wanted to join them.’”

3) Also according to Timesonline, “ Rahmatullah now believes bin Laden has done more harm to Muslims than anybody else. …Rahmatullah now wants to promote understanding between the Muslim world and the West.”

Alan Colmes, who usually gets the full story, apparently was unaware of Hashemi’s more recent life when he asked, “Is this guy better at Yale or would he be better off at a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan someplace?”

Youngblood revealed his own brutish mindset when he answered with a self-satisfied sneer that Hashemi “would be better off at Guantanamo Bay.”

Colmes protested that we have put people in Guantanamo Bay with no connection to terrorism “and yet they’re locked up, incarcerated, with no attorney, no legal justice system working on their behalf.” Youngblood smiled and nodded as if that sounded like a good thing to him.

Hannity interrupted Colmes (giving him one full minute less) and once again proved unable to make a case and tell the truth at the same time. “There’s nobody at Guantanamo that’s there for no good reason.” Hannity, the world’s most ill-informed talk show host, “forgot” that many prisoners have been released without being charged after being deemed not a security threat.

As Colmes continued to argue “That’s not what the Justice Department…” Hannity, who never hesitates to interrupt Colmes, decided that privilege only went one way. In his pushy voice, Hannity said, “Excuse me, you mind?”

Then Hannity let loose with the lies and the Hanctimonious belligerence. Funny how the two seem to go hand in hand. “Not only is he a spokesman for the Taliban, he’s an apologist for the Taliban.” In fact, as I wrote above, Hashemi has been reported to be a FORMER spokesman and to have distanced himself from them.

Youngblood picked up the ball. “It’s disgraceful but it’s not out of keeping with Yale… They push the military away, they draw the enemies in.”

Hannity pounded on the desk like Joseph McCarthy and dramatically demanded to know why Hashemi got a student visa and why he was allowed into Yale. (Comment: We’ll have to add the State Department to the list of institutions with orders from Hannity.)

Then Hannity got down to his real purpose: demonizing his fellow-countrymen while posing as a patriot. Pulling out his newest attack from his Bully-boy database, Hannity said, “Tony Blair said there used to be a time when liberals cared about human rights.”

“How do liberals tolerate this?” Hannity asked, feigning interest.

Youngblood said “jokingly,” “He must support abortion.”

Let Hannity and FOX News know that real patriots aren’t tyrants.



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