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O'Reilly Uses Ridiculous Non-Story To Smear NBC And David Gregory

Reported by Deborah - March 2, 2006

Bill, I don't do smears, O'Reilly jumped on a ridiculous non-story about David Gregory being drunk when he called Don Imus from India this morning. Gregory started laughing and Imus asked him in a joking tone if he was drunk which made him laugh harder. The right wing sites are having a field day with this story accusing Gregory without any proof. O'Reilly couldn't pass up another opportunity to nail NBC for something so he invited Juan Williams on to smear Gregory while he played good guy. 2/2/06

O'Reilly opened with a list of all the things wrong with NBC making sure viewers percieved the Gregory/Imus story as a reflection of a network in crisis. After showing a clip of the short exchange, O'Reilly became the voice of reason complimenting Gregory's reporting skills and claiming that he was probably exhausted from traveling to India. Then he brought Juan Williams in to the conversation to do his dirty work.

Williams said "it's all about credibility" since Gregory is supposed to be a serious reporter covering this important meeting in India adding that none of it was covered during the call. Williams accused Gregory of trying to" advance his career by being a clown".

O'Reilly playing good guy again wondered why Gregory couldn't be a human being and just relax on the phone with Imus adding that people should " cut him some slack."

Williams wouldn't give up claiming tha Gregory was trying to make himself a" bigger personality" and then went on to attack Imus bringing up all the times he had gotten in trouble for being verbally inappropriate. O'Reilly ended the segment telling Juan Williams that he disagreed with him a little but of course, he got his point across neatly without uttering a smear.

comment: This incident was so unimportant and petty that only the right wing hate machine would try to use it against someone. O'Reilly knew that this Gregory story is nonsense and made sure to keep his distance by appointing Williams the smear guy in the segment. Juan Williams' claim that Gregory was trying to advance his career by being a clown is beyond laughable. The next time I want a promotion, I'll be sure to act like a clown for my boss. Who knew that could be the key to success.

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