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News Hounds Alert: Video Reveals Bush Lied About Katrina

Reported by Marie Therese - March 2, 2006

The AP has released a damning videotape that was taken during Hurricane Katrina, showing FEMA Director Michael Brown informing the President that "this could be the big one". From his Crawford ranch, Bush is seen monitoring the FEMA meeting, in which a meteorologist tells them all that there is a good chance the levees will not hold. AP then includes a clip of Bush making his now famous "no one could have anticipated the levees would break" remark. This is a real "gotcha".

When is Congress going to wake up and force this guy to put his hand on the bible and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help him God?

Doesn't lying about an event in which 1300 died and 2300 are missing trump lying about sex with an intern?

As for FOX, I can't wait to see what their spin will be on this tomorrow. Wear your anti-gravity shoes. The tornado-force whirlwind generated by the Bush Cheerleaders will rival the winds of Katrina itself!

You can view the clip at Crooks and Liars. Then scroll down and watch Bush's interview with ABC's Elizabeth Vargas.

President Bush obviously never learned that liars always get caught. In fact, here's a little cautionary advice for the President on the futility of lying from an essay entitled On Liars written by the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne in the 16th century. Over the centuries, the names change but the crimes remain the same.

"I know quite well that grammarians make a distinction between telling an untruth and lying. They say that to tell an untruth is to say something that is false, but that we suppose to be true, and that the meaning of the Latin mentiri, from which our French word for lying derives, is to go against one's conscience, and that consequently it applies only to those who say the opposite of what they know and it is of them I am speaking.

Now liars either invent the whole thing, or they disguise and alter an actual fact. If they disguise and alter, it is hard for them not to get mixed up when they refer to the same story again and again because, the real facts having been the first to lodge in the memory and impress themselves upon it by way of consciousness and knowledge, they will hardly fail to spring into the mind and dislodge the false version, which cannot have as firm or assured a foothold. The circumstances, as they were first learned, will always rush back into the thoughts, driving out the memory of the false or modified details that have been added.

If liars make a complete invention, they apparently have much less reason to be afraid of tripping up, inasmuch as there is no contrary impression to clash with their fiction. But even this, being an empty thing that offers no hold, readily escapes from the memory unless it is a very reliable one. I have often had amusing proof of this, at the expense of those who profess to suit their speech only to the advantage of the business in hand and to please the great men to whom they are speaking. The circumstances to which it is their wish to subordinate their faith and their conscience being subject to various changes, their language has also to change from time to time; and so they call the same thing gray one moment and yellow the next, say one thing to one man, and another to another.

Then, if these listeners happen to bring all this contrary information together as a common booty what becomes of all their fine art? Besides, they trip up so often when they are off their guard. For what memory could be strong enough to retain all the different shapes they have invented for the same subject? I have seen many in my time who have desired a reputation for this subtle kind of discretion, not seeing that the reputation and the end in view are incompatible."

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