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FOX News Ignores Iraq, UAE And The Troops In Order To Bash Jane Fonda

Reported by Ellen - March 1, 2006

With a new surge of violence in Iraq, National Intelligence Director John Negroponte expressing concerns about unrest in the Middle East, a high rate of stress disorders among Iraq vets and a new poll indicating 72 percent of U.S troops serving in Iraq think the United States should exit within the next year, the top story on last night’s (2/28/06) Hannity & Colmes was Jane Fonda’s anti-war comments.

Alan Colmes introduced the discussion by saying, “Jane Fonda is once again drawing fire from conservatives because of her stance on the war in Iraq.” Apparently Fonda called the war “despicable and disgusting” while she was in Australia. Then, in case that wasn’t newsworthy enough for a “top story,” Colmes added that Barbra Streisand’s official website called for impeachment proceedings against President Bush.

There was only one guest on hand and that was the former felon Oliver North, introduced only as the host of War Stories.

Former felon North (his conviction was overturned on appeal) has admitted to lying to Congress, was convicted of accepting an illegal gratuity, aiding and abetting in the obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and destruction of documents. But that never stops him (or FOX News) from holding himself up as a paragon of American values.

“The fact is, Jane Fonda ought to shut up,” North declared in a self-important tone meant to signal that Fonda’s comments really mattered in a big way. Immediately following that demonstration of intolerance for American values regarding dissent, North praised the democratic government we’re supposedly installing – I mean building – in Iraq.

Alan Colmes adroitly maneuvered the conversation away from Fonda as he pointed out, “We have an Islamic regime. The Constitution that we are so proud to have helped create is Islamic law. 68 people a day are dying in Iraq. …By what standard can you say this war is a success?”

North insisted that far fewer people are dying in Iraq today than died under Sadaam Hussein. He rattled off a number of claims about why Iraqis are better off as the result of our invasion. He claimed there are more people today with fresh water, “there are more children with an opportunity today to learn something other than hatred and terrorism,” more people with jobs, and there’s more electricity. Comment: If things are so peachy, why do the Iraqis want us to leave?

Colmes interrupted to say that Iraq is descending into civil war, which North characterized as an irresponsible lie perpetrated by liberals and/or the mainstream media. North tried to liken the conflict in Iraq to the kind of political differences he was having with Colmes. Colmes pointed out that he and North were not shooting at each other.

Hannity, his voice lowered for dramatic effect, seemed almost ready to declare that Democrats were a bigger threat to America than terrorists. He even came up with some new lines in his war on Democrats. “Ollie,” Hannity breathed, “There’s nothing you can do to convince Jane Fonda, Alan or any of his liberal friends that this is a success.” Ignoring the recent polling evidence, the fact that Republicans as well as Democrats are uniting in their opposition to the war, Hannity ticked off on his fingers as his Hanctimony rose. “No more rape rooms, no more torture chambers (except the ones we use and call it something else), liberated people are voting…” Then came the inevitable harangue in which Hannity makes out like he’s the one being tyrannized. He complained that Democrats who want Bush impeached have “contempt for the Democratic process (forgetting that impeachment is part of our Constitution) because they can’t win elections… The bitterness, the shrillness, the anger – I’ve never seen it in my lifetime.”

North arrogantly – and erroneously – said it’s because “They’ve lost every election since Ronald Reagan.”

The word “election” must have reminded Hannity about Bush’s dismal approval ratings in the latest CBS poll. Rather than have a guest on to discuss the findings and their veracity or lack thereof, Hannity criticized the polling techniques (but ignored CBS’ explanation of the weighting) and complained that the questions about warrantless wiretapping left out the fact that “It’s an Al Qaeda member that’s a suspect and it came from outside the country.” In fact, Media Matters has reported that “A February 5 Washington Post report quoting ‘current and former government officials’ said that "[i]ntelligence officers who eavesdropped on thousands of Americans in overseas calls under authority from President Bush have dismissed nearly all of them as potential suspects after hearing nothing pertinent to a terrorist threat."

Hannity, who rarely gets through one show without getting at least one major fact wrong or distorted, added it was almost enough to make him believe in conspiracies. “Why do they (meaning CBS) even have any credibility?”

Now that we know Hannity is so concerned about these things, I think I’ll remind him of this statement as often as possible whenever he lies – I mean makes mistakes – in the future.

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