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Bill O'Reilly, Hate Merchant

Reported by Marie Therese - March 1, 2006

Monday night [2-27-06], during the O'Reilly Factor, Bill had this to say: "First let's define hate politics, that is, trying to hurt people with whom you disagree." In his own words, O'Reilly has now given us the quintessential, pithy definition of what he does, day in. day out, on the FOX News Channel, i.e., make lots of money to do the maximum amount of damage in the shortest amount of time to the political enemies of Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, George Bush and the Republican Party.

The Great Bloviator went on to say that "radical elements" on both sides oppose the takeover of six to twenty-two of our seaports by the state-owned Dubai Ports World.

As defined by Bill, the radical right's "poster boys" are neo-nazi groups. That's it. Just one group.

And who, you might ask, are the "poster boys" for the left?


Harry Belafonte, a "far-left hater on display this weekend bashing his country."

Far-left websites, especially those that "encourage people to use false names to write smear book reviews on Amazon.com. ... These websites are truly vile and hateful."

Barbara Boxer.

O'Reilly ended his TPM by saying: "The USA will never win the war on terror without Arab allies. Never. Remember. America partnered up with Stalin to defeat Hitler during World War II. Not every deal is perfect but wars must be won and sometimes the smart thing to hard ... But in the long run the war on terror cannot be won unless the politics of hate are brought under control. We need smart, methodical leadership, not foolish ideology."


I found O'Reilly's comment about false book reviews to be very interesting and wondered if it was an oblique reference to a woman named "Amy" who posted a "review" of John Gibson's "The War on Christmas" book describing what she claimed was a memory about an awful Christmas dinner with a drunken John Gibson. (See Deborah's post on this topic.)

Bill took great pride in noting that the ports takeover issue has divided the country, creating strange bedfellows. For example, he made a big thing out of the fact that New York Times' columnists Nicholas Kristoff and Thomas Friedman support the DPW deal but the paper's editorial staff does not.

As for his ridiculous comparison of the United Arab Emirates ports deal to our alliance with Russia during WWII, O'Reilly clearly forgot what the AFTERMATH of "partnering up with Stalin" really was: A divided Germany, a divided Berlin, 40 years of cold war, a proliferation of nuclear weapons, biological & chemical warfare research and the Cuban Missile Crisis, to name a few.

When we allied with Stalin and the Soviet Union, we made a deal with the devil. Germany paid for it dearly as did those of us who remember "duck and cover' drills in our classrooms, neighbors building bomb shelters and air raid sirens blaring at high noon, sending a message of fear to a whole generation of young children, who later decided that we'd better seize the day because no one expected to live past thirty.

O'Reilly, as usual, used shallow thinking, insults and overheated rhetoric to defend the Bush administration's attempt to pull the wool over our eyes.

But, this time, the usual tactics aren't working. We, the American people, are just not buying what Bill and his handlers are selling.

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