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Dick Morris: He’s Not Just For Hating Hillary Any More

Reported by Ellen - February 28, 2006

Is FOX News at a loss for Republicans who are willing to defend the UAE Port deal? How else to explain Dick Morris’ conversion from political analyst cum Hillary-hater to national security and international relations expert? Last night on Hannity & Colmes, Morris came up with the unusual theory that not only should we trust Bush on this port deal but that it is actually a strategic move in the war on terror.

Alan Colmes started the discussion by saying that the latest news is that the Coast Guard has said “there are many intelligence gaps.” He added that Senator Susan Collins (R-Me) (and Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee) called it “astounding” that in December there were a lot of gaps but a month later, it was all resolved. “Clearly, we’re not getting the whole story here,” Colmes said.

Morris had no answer for that other than to say that “the one thing I trust (the Bush Admnistration) on is the war on terror.” He went on to claim that our diplomatic offense with Kuwait and UAE is just as important to the war on terror as the military offense in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Comment: And let’s hope Bush & Co. are doing a better job with the former than the latter.)

It just wouldn’t be Dick Morris without a swipe at the Clintons so he threw in a gratuitous “If it’s so radioactive… why did (Bill Clinton) give speeches there?” As if giving a speech and turning over our major ports are one and the same thing!

Colmes cited some of UAE’s dubious history with regard to terrorism and said “It just doesn’t add up that this administration that was saying ‘we’re going to go against any country that supported 9/11,’ all of a sudden, they’re best friends with UAE. It makes no sense.”

Morris said “They can’t reveal to us what the UAE is doing to help us… And I just do not believe that Bush would make a call this emphatically and this clearly if he felt that he was wrong.”

Sean Hannity theorized that the port deal is in return for UAE allowing us to use their airbase in case of an attack against Iran (which strikes me as a philosophy of making ourselves vulnerable here so that we can fight them over there). Considering that 90% or more of Hannity’s utterances have been pre-digested for him by the Bush Administration and considering that Hannity has remained steadfastly against the UAE deal, it’s reasonable to conclude that the airbase issue is at least a rationale, if not a real reason behind the Bush Administration’s otherwise indefensible decision.

Morris replied, “I think that stuff is very possible and I think that there are so many levels of dealing with the UAE government that Bush can’t talk about that I believe this is one area where he has earned the right to be taken on faith.”

Then Morris changed the subject back to the FOX News fave no matter what the other news of the day: Hillary’s potential as a presidential candidate.

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