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Bill Kristol thinks the last three years haven't been serious war-making

Reported by Chrish - February 27, 2006

Only a war-mongering chickenhawk like Bill Kristol could smirk as he told the Fox News Sunday panel that "“We have not had a serious three-year effort to fight a war in Iraq”. 2/26/06

During the panel discussion of the increased violence in Iraq and the fears of civil war, Kristol repeatedly said that Zarqawi was trying to destroy Iraq, and "we" need to crush Zarqawi., and said that the day after the Shiite mosque was bombed, Bush should have come out and committed 15,000 more troops.

Comment: I recall from grade school that "we" is a group which includes "me". Kristol's soft white hands are the trademarks of an armchair general who knows nothing of war but maps and philosophy. He further exhibits his callousness by saying we shouldn't exaggerate the deaths in Iraq; after all, there were 30,000 killed in France after their liberation, and many other countries in the world have "ethnic tensions and low-level violence". Apparently it is all acceptable to him in his safe and luxurious life. The "general" continues, with questions from Chris Wallace:

What is causing the trouble here is the terrorists. There would not be civil war if Zarqawi had not spent the last 2 1/2 years, had ex-Saddamists with him, very skillfully going on the offensive slaughtering Shia in Karbala, now blowing up the mosque.
CW: They’re there, there are going to be more mosques to blow up, so what do you do about the terrorists?
BK: Kill them. Defeat them.
CW: We’ve been trying!
BK: We’ve been trying, and our soldiers are doing terrifically, but we have not had a serious three-year effort to fight a war in Iraq as opposed to lay the preconditions for getting out.
Ceci Connelly: I think that really begs the question then: what have we been doing over there for three-plus years, and you say there hasn’t been a serious effort to rid that region of the terrorists. I just wonder what Secretary Rumsfeld would say in response to that or all the U.S. soldiers who have been over there all this time.
BK: The US soldiers have been fighting terrifically well, but Secretary Rumsfeld’s plan was to draw town to 30,000 US troops at the end of major activities.

Krauthammer saved the day for Wallace, who looked stunned, by saying that ultimately the Sunnis would withdraw support for the outsiders (which I took to mean the same people Kristol and Wallace had been calling terrorists, not the US troops), which is "the only way you win the insugency."

Comment: War hero John Murtha calling for measured steps for withdrawal was accused by Fox and BushWorld of undermining troop morale. Cindy Sheehan is routinely accused of undermining troop morale. Left-leaning blogs are exorciated by Bill O'Reilly and his ilk for undermining troop morale. Accusing Bush of misleading us into war is undermining troop morale. War protesters, criticism of foreign policy, it's all undermining troop morale.

So what is it when one of the architects of the war, one of the biggest chickenhawks, says there isn't enough fighting and dying going on? UNDERMINING TROOP MORALE!

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