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Finally, President Bush Is A Uniter, Not a Divider!

Reported by Ellen - February 25, 2006

Dear President Bush: As you probably know (because people from Department of Homeland Security read this blog), I have been very worried about the polarization of our country. But now, thanks to your latest policy decision to sell the operations of six American ports to the UAE, you seem at last to be fulfilling the one campaign promise I hoped you’d keep.

Granted, the fact that the country is rallying in opposition to you is not quite what you had in mind, but surely even you can appreciate the exquisite sight of Alan Colmes, Sean Hannity and now Michael Reagan united in the same cause. And surely you won’t begrudge me the extra pleasure of knowing that it’s the conservatives who have come over to my side, rather than vice versa.

You need not fear that your staunch allies, the executives who run FOX News, have deserted you. Last night (2/24/06) on Hannity & Colmes they made a noble effort to provide a rationale for what most people automatically dismiss as a crackpot idea. Unfortunately for you, the rationales presented seemed just as ludicrous.

Fair and balanced FOX News presented two guests to defend the port sale. Perhaps that was to balance the two hosts speaking against it.

Journalist Richard Miniter thought he’d persuade the country by making us think we’d look like anti-Arab racists if we didn’t do the deal. He called it “allusions (or was it illusions?) of racism,” whatever that means. He complained that people who are against selling our port operations to UAE send the message that “we have one law for non-Arab companies… but if they happen to be an Arab country, then there’s an extra step just for them.” Never mind that we invaded a Middle Eastern country for reasons that turned out not to be true, that we have rounded up hundreds, if not thousands of Arabs and detained them indefinitely without charges, and that our administration demands the right to torture them. Do you really think that not selling our ports to a country with ties to 9/11 is going to be the straw that makes the Middle East sit up and cry “racist?”

Heritage Foundation Fellow James Carafano thought he’d gain our trust for UAE by telling us that our enemies hate them. “Al Qaeda is out to get the sheiks of UAE, they don’t like them. The Iranians don’t like the Sheiks of UAE… These guys are ON OUR SIDE.”

Michael Reagan didn’t buy it. “Don’t you think the White House really has a public relations problem here?”

Miniter never addressed that question but tried to dismiss the concerns about UAE’s financial ties to the hijackers by saying that UAE is “kind of like the Switzerland of Middle East banking. All banking goes through there.” Noting that the current owners of port operations are British, he claimed, “It’s just an exchange of one set of foreign owners for another.”

Carafano tried to distract us by complaining that Congress didn’t like a process “that is mandated by a law that Congress wrote.”

Americans have been asked to give up their Constitutional protections in order for the government to have extra ability to fight terrorism but the UAE sheiks need make no such sacrifice in Minister’s eyes. “You’ve gotta believe in the rule of law. These people obey all the rules and regulations.”

Alan Colmes never seemed persuaded. He noted that the Bush Administration, in the run up to the invasion, hinted of links between Iraq and 9/11 yet the same administration has no problem allowing a country which really did have links to 9/11 to own our ports. “How could that possibly be?”

Michael Reagan, at the end of the discussion said, “The American people want to know what’s going on and… it’s incumbent upon (the President) to tell us.”

I think unity is on the march. Bring it on!

Sincerely yours,

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