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TGIF morning on Fox

Reported by Chrish - February 24, 2006

As reviewing four hours of morning Fox News can cause serious brain damage, I concentrated today on just one hour, which is sufficient to identify the themes and tone of news (or spin thereof) that will be repeated throughout the day.

The 11 AM slot of Fox News Live began with Washington correspondent Greg Kelly stating that Bush’s morning speech to the American Legion (tough crowd there!) was all about “staying the course.” A brief tape of the speech was shown, featuring Bush saying things like “11 million Iraqis voted for democracy but the path is not smooth” (bit of an understatement!) and “Hamas must recognize Israel and denounce terror.” (Comment: the UAE has not recognized Israel but that’s OK). Kelly then said that Bush is popular with the American Legion as he has “bolstered spending on veterans affairs.”

The next interview was with Army Colonel Snow who stated that the Iraqi people have listened to their religious and political leaders in rejecting violence. (Comment: despite yesterday’s horrific violence, things in Iraq are looking up).

The news continued with at least three segments on the British heist, Blackberries, and Philippine riots. The news crawl kept repeating nice phrases from Bush’s speech – “the days ahead will be difficult but this is part of the democratic process” and “as democracy takes root, it will moderate the positions of those in power.” (Comment: whoever is in charge of reading the newspaper to Bush isn’t getting past the comic page. Talk about living in a bubble!) T

he other issue that garnered a chunk of time was the port operations' purchase. Bridget Quinn interviewed Naomi Wolf (liberal) and Karen Czarneki (Republican). Wolf said that it appeared that Bush is working for the UAE and not the American people while Czarneki regurgitated the administration talking points and concluded by saying that nothing will change – “the longshoremen will continue to do their jobs.” Wolf responded, “spin all you like, we know better.” (Comment to Wolf – you go girl!).

The hour concluded with the “prince of darkness” doing his “Novak notes.” He was not very positive about the administration’s prospects of gaining control of the issue. When asked by Bill Hemmer whether some Republicans are “pulling back” from their initial objections, Novak said that although the “rhetoric has diminished, the problem is not resolved.” (Comment: How does Fox handle an issue when even the most partisan of Republicans has doubts about the “wisdom” of the White House?)

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