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Dick Morris Always Finds Way To Shift Blame To Clintons

Reported by Deborah - February 23, 2006

Dick Morris appeared with O'Reilly tonight to talk about the Dubai deal and swiftly shifted attention and blame on to the Clintons. According to Morris, Senator Clinton's objection to the deal made her guilty of racial profiling and since Bill Clinton was paid to speak in Dubai, Hillary has no right to criticize the administration. Of course, FNC probably counts on the fact that no matter what Morris is scheduled to discuss, he will always find a way to talk about the Clintons instead. 2/23/06

Morris made it clear that he supports the decision because when it comes to the War on Terror, Bush should be trusted completely adding that we need to give our allies consideration. O'Reilly agreed with Morris and then it was time to shift to the Clintons

Morris said Hillary Clinton's objection to the deal made her guilty of racial profiling. Then he apologized to O'Reilly because he was about to make a personal attack on Clinton that he just couldn't resist. Morris then claimed that since Bill Clinton was paid $300,000 by the Government of Dubai to speak there in 2002, Hillary is " a little hypocritical" to criticize.

O'Reilly put his friend at ease assuring him that it was not a personal attack and proceeded to repeat everything Morris had said just in case anyone missed it. He added that if Morris had said "Clinton's a thief", that would be considered a personal attack. "Hillary Clinton wants to be a terror warrior," O'Reilly opined.

O'Reilly then asked Morris about the Gore/Clinton connection he had a theory about indicating that they had planned this conversation in advance. Morris said that Kerry and Edwards voted for the war and Dean has been discredited but Al Gore was against the war and was always pro environment. Morris suggested that Gore could be the candidate to challenge Hillary in 2008. When Morris suggested that the campaign slogan could be "Re elect Gore in 2008", O'Reilly found it very amusing.

Comment: It's really time for Morris to get some help for that Obsessive Clinton Disorder. There are no more books left to write about them and the "I hate Clinton" crowd has dwindled to nothing. There was no mention of Condi tonight which may mean that ship has sailed too so perhaps the tipping point is about to be reached forcing Morris to deal with reality.

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