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Morning Musings

Reported by Chrish - February 22, 2006

Fox News this morning was a study in “cognitive dissonance;” i.e. the perception of incompatibility between two cognitions. The two today were the overwhelming and bipartisan opposition to the Dubai port purchase and the Bush administration’s defense of said purchase. What was truly strange was the agreement between liberal and conservative commentators regarding what must be causing Fox News a bit of agita.

Both liberal Leslie Marshall and conservative Mark Williams agreed that Bush “had lost his mind.” The Fox person asked what appeared to be the White House talking points - “isn’t it common for ports to be managed by foreign operators" and “aren’t the facts getting lost here” being two of the questions. Marshall noted the “secrecy and swiftness” of the decision. (Comment: secrecy is what the Bush administration is all about, but swiftness? – not when the v.p. fills somebody’s face full of birdshot) .

Fox correspondent Kelly Wright quoted Senator McCain who said that Dubai “should be treated fairly.” Wright, who said that the UAE was a “valuable ally in the war on terror”, went on to say that there were “misconceptions” about this country which offered aid to the US after Hurricane Katrina. (Comment: is this supposed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy about Dubai – hello, they do seem to have had some ties to “the bad guys.”)

Later, former Ambassador Ginsberg waxed poetic about the UAE, stating that they are a “city state trying to be capitalist” just like Singapore in trying to “make some money.” He said that he wasn’t worried because the US will be supervising the port and that the Dubai role is only a small part of port activity – yeah, they’re just operating a couple of cranes!!! Later on, conservative Roger Stone and democrat PJ Crowley also agreed.

Fox moderator Jane Skinner said “but 80% of the Los Angeles port is foreign owned." PJ said the point was that there are “legitimate concerns because the administration has not been forthcoming (back to that old secrecy!). Stone agreed with him. Bill Kristol, with his smarmy grin, also appeared to say that the public has few facts; but once Bush makes a case, people will realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of. He claimed that the criticisms were “more heat than light.” Comment – What about 9-11? The Republicans seem to be the party living in a pre 9-11 world.

The other item featured this morning was the arrest of the three Ohio Muslims who have been accused of plotting Jihad and threatening Bush. This story must have been shown at least three times each hour. The various “journalists” who covered the story described the men as “outwardly quiet” but who really were “the enemy within.” The mole, who was the government informant, was described as a “true patriot.” Steve Emerson, author of American Jihad, the Terrorists Living Among Us (Comment: be afraid, be very afraid) said that the NY Post (lol) has information that Zarqawi is in contact with middle America. Bill Hemmer then said (and I kid you not) that it would be tough for Al-Qaida types, with full beards, to hide in this country. (Comment: those dudes from ZZ top better watch out). Seriously, though, this whole thing reminded me of an old Twilight Zone episode called “The monsters are due on Maple Street.” The plot involved residents of Maple Street who became very paranoid when they thought their neighbors were Martians. At the end of the episode the residents of Maple Street are getting ready to burn their neighbor’s house down while the real Martians look on, from a nearby hill, with amusement. I wonder if Fox is trying to turn us into one big Maple Street?

The really big news this morning was the bombing of the Shite mosque in Najaf – an incident which generated damage to Sunni mosques and the murder of six Sunni Imams. You’d think that Fox would have something about this; but it was ignored until about 12:30 when Bill Hemmer was interviewing Steve Harrigan, the Fox journalist back from Iraq. Harrigan, who, earlier on “Friends”, had given a rosy picture of the state of the Iraqi army was asked about the incident by Hemmer. Harrigan said that “it is really upsetting” but these two sides were going to go after each other sooner or later.” Duh, no (you know what), Sherlock!!!!!

NOTE: This item is GUEST blogged.

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