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You Know It's a Bad Idea When Tom Ridge Says So

Reported by Judy - February 21, 2006

How bad is the idea to have a company from the homeland of two of the 9/11 hijackers take over operation of six of our nation's major ports? It's so bad that even the color-coded genius Tom Ridge says there are questions about the deal that need to be answered. But it's not bad enough for Bill Kristol to condemn it.

Appearing Monday (February 20, 2006) on "Special Report with Brit Hume," Weekly Standard editor Kristol said the Bush administration's approval of the deal with Dubai Ports World of the United Arab Emirates "seems a little odd." Well, yeah, but only if you're interested in protecting the homeland against people who want to smuggle dirty bombs into the country and blow us up. And what kind of weak-kneed American is worried about a thing like that? Oh, sure, John Kerry was. He even mentioned it during the presidential campaign. But he lost so he must have been wrong. Then Chuck Schumer, another Democrat. And Hillary Clinton. Lord knows how weak she is on protecting the country.

According to Kristol, there's nothing to worry about when the country through which many of the 9/11 hijackers passed on their way to the U.S. is in charge of American ports because "Homeland Security will still manage security" and "most of the containers are not searched anyway" so "how is it different from what happens now?" And guess what, they're not even outsourcing any jobs. American longshoremen will still unload the boxes. What a relief that is. I know I wouldn't want to die from a WMD delivered without a union label.

The real problem, Kristol says, is that "the administration has done its usual poor job of explaining itself, but it strikes me, the more one hears these arguments against it, they're a little dubious, you know."

Lucky for us lily-livered liberals that Charles Krauthammer was on the show, too. As he explained, "The minute it (Dubai Ports World) takes over the operation, it will consult with the Americans on the ground about how security operations are run. It is going to learn all of our secrets immediately. It isn't even a long-range issue. It's an immediate one."

All it takes is for one company employee to get a little ticked off at something and "all of our secrets" will be for sale to any old terrorist. A little dubious, Kristol says, of such concerns. A poor job of explaining itself, Kristol says, of the clueless Bush administration.

I really would like to hear the explanation for this. Straight from the Bush boy's mouth.

And RePIGlicans have the gall to call Democrats terrorists.

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