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O'Reilly Steamed About Hollywood Liberals Especially George Clooney

Reported by Deborah - February 21, 2006

Last night Bill O'Reilly concentrated on George Clooney but added Richard Dreyfus and Alec Baldwin to his list of horrid "far far left" Hollywood types who dare to speak out. O'Reilly claimed that ever since the McCarthy black lists, Hollywood has been left leaning but recently it's become "far far left". He claimed to be very disturbed by Clooney's popularity. 2/20/06

It was inevitable that O'Reilly would beam in on Clooney after the Clooney/King interview this weekend. He claimed that Clooney invited him to the screening of his film, Good Night and Good Luck, and they met cordially afterwards despite their previous battles. Then he claimed that ,"the very next day, the very next day", Clooney started a series of personal attacks against him. He added that this is what makes Clooney the "darling of the far left".

Then he showed a clip of Clooney making a silly joke about Jack Abramoff at the Golden Globes followed by a clip of Clooney refusing to apologize. Clooney had said that the only person who had disgraced Abramhoff was Abramoff. In the clip that Bill showed the last word was left out completely missing Clooney's point.

O'Reilly went into the past conflict with Clooney claiming that Clooney accused him of fabricating his claim that all the money raised for 9/11 victims overwhelmed the agencies. He showed a series of clips showing people reporting that they hadn't gotten their money . He suggested that when they finally did recieve aid it was because he straightened out the complications.

Robin Bronk, Creative Coalition and James Hirsen, Hollywood Nation were on hand for more discussion. O' Reilly told Hirsen that he thought Clooney would win an Oscar because of his politics. Hirsen was ready with some predictable comments claiming that Syriana shows the" softer side of terrorism" and George Clooney is " a slimmer better looking Michael Moore." O'Reilly replied, "I don't have any use for him. It disturbs me that he's so popular."

At this point, Robin Bronk was brought into the discussion and she supported Clooney calling him a great actor who used his platform responsibly. O'Reilly brought up Alec Baldwin's post on The Huffington Post asking Brock if she supported it. Again she had a positive take on speaking out and passionate political discourse. O'Reilly boomed, "Jack the Ripper was passionate"

Robin Bronk immediately called him on his hypocrisy of comparing Baldwin to Jack the Ripper while complaining that liberals are guilty of personal attacks. O'Reilly claimed that he made the comparison "in a mocking way" acting as if Bronk was unreasonable with her assessment.

Comment: It's the annual Pre Academy Award attack season on FOX so it's no surprise that O'Reilly is in L.A. It's getting ridiculous listening to the same garbage every year. War On Christmas followed by War On Hollywood.

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