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Fox Brunch Prime Cuts

Reported by Chrish - February 20, 2006

The 9 to 1 segment of Fox News Live is, by and large uneventful as it consists of endless repetitions of the day’s news cycle. However, it is interesting to occasionally take a look at what is deemed important enough to make the cycle, as it predicts what will be featured later in the day. Osama Bin Laden was the featured player this morning, as his image, along with the chyron relating to the newest tape, appeared as the preview for the next segment at every commercial break.

The various reporters who commented about the tapes spoke about Osama’s statements that our presence in Iraq was creating more jihadists (Comment: and what part of that statement is false!)

Paige Hopkins interviewed a retired general (Burton Moore) who spoke about the army’s need to “transform itself” in creating a different approach in “understanding the enemy.” He feels that “global war will be different” and this entailed a need to understand the language and local customs of the people in areas under US military control. He then described how troops in Afghanistan are helping to improve the infrastructure and are working with local warlords to facilitate better relations with the locals. (Comment: sounds like the Peace Corps – thought we didn’t engage in “nation building.”). He then went on to say the OBL was “despondent because his defeat was at hand.” (Oh, really?)

Greg Jarett later interviewed conservative Tammy Bruce and Jim Warren of the Chicago Tribune about the Cheney team's delay in notifying the media about the hunting incident. The lead off question to Warren was “did the mainstream media hyperventilate and did your paper lather itself up on overblown hysteria?” Without being hysterical, Warren spoke about the press’ frustration with the secrecy surrounding the affair. It was difficult to hear him as Jarett keep saying “what about David Gregory” while Warren ignored him and quietly made his point.

Tammy stated that Harry Reid had a stroke that wasn’t reported until three days later. She added the usual talking points about the “bias” of the mainstream media that is “frustrated” because it no longer has the influence it once had. So the usual republican blah, blah, blah.

There were several segments about the latest homicide bomb (Fox had been slipping lately in using the term “suicide” but they’re back on the straight and narrow) attack in Iraq in which one US soldier was killed. Unlike MSNBC, no total tally of casualties was given (2276).

The short segment on Hamas was introduced by the description of Hamas as “dedicated to the destruction of Israel.”

On the lighter side, we had a segment about a teacher who has criticized the Curious George books due to what she thinks is animal cruelty and bad behavior. The accompanying chyron had the statement – “Curious George, politically incorrect.” In that vein, there was a subsequent segment about how a California school has banned recess tag due to bullying and injuries. A courageous third grader submitted a petition to restore the game; but to no avail. The segment was followed by a commentary from Christina Hoff Summers who said that we need to “let boys be boys.” (Comment: isn’t that what has gotten this country into the mess we’re in now?)

The one noteworthy thing about this morning’s news coverage was the inclusion of two democrats in the segments about the Dubai based port purchase. Senators Robert Menendez and Chuck Schumer were allowed to voice strong criticisms of the administration regarding this matter. The port purchase is something that the republicans are also concerned about – thus, the democrats are included in the discussion – unlike when they oppose the republicans and get little or no airtime.

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