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David Horowitz Mum About His Own Treason During FOX News Witch Hunt Against Anti-American University Professors

Reported by Ellen - February 19, 2006

David Horowitz, during his week-long Hannity & Colmes witch hunt against university professors with “extremist” histories, somehow neglected to mention his act of treason against the United States during his own radical past.

Friday night (2/17/06) concluded five nights of McCarthyish diatribes by Horowitz, backed up with few facts. Friday night’s quarry was Bill Ayres, whom Horowitz identified as a professor of Early Childhood Education and a senior university scholar at The University of Illinois at Chicago. I could find no such professor at that school, but perhaps I missed something. It is undeniable, however, that Ayres was a member of the Weather Underground during the 60’s, which is just around the time that Horowitz was a Marxist activist (his act of treason, for which he was never prosecuted, occurred in 1972, according to his own confession).

While withholding his own treasonous history, Horowitz sneered that the academics he singled out “don’t want to be accountable” because they turned down Hannity & Colmes’ invitation to appear on the show. Then, Mr. Accountable asserted, without any facts to support the claim, “This is the first time in American history that whole departments and fields have been devoted to… political propaganda and ideological pursuits… (Bill Ayres) is an ideologue and an extremist.” Horowitz later asserted, also without citations or sources, that Ayres was a follower of Charles Manson who felt it was his duty to start a war against America.

Sean Hannity interrupted David Horowitz’ diatribe against universities (once again suggesting – to me, anyway – that Hannity was not fully comfortable with Horowitz’ McCarthyism) to ask, “How does this guy become a professor?”

Horowitz didn’t answer the question. Instead, he gave what was a typical demagogic reply. “There’s kind of an affirmative action hiring program for left wing extremists.”

When it was Alan Colmes’ turn to ask the questions, he asked if Horowitz wanted affirmative action for conservatives.

Horowitz, in another demagogic response said he didn’t. He added, “This man – a hundred people apply for this job, for early childhood education and they pick a man from the FBI’s most wanted list. This tells you more than you want to know about America’s universities.”

Comment: In fact, this tells me more than I want to know about Horowitz who gave not a single fact about how Ayres got the job, what role his politics play in his teaching early childhood, nor what qualifications he might have. Also, a quick Google search indicates that Ayres was never on the list of most wanted and the charges that were pressed were later dropped.

Colmes asked Horowitz about his radical past but overlooked his admission of treason.

Horowitz self-righteously answered, “I didn’t bomb buildings… I wrote editorials against the bombers, OK? … This man was a criminal and he’s unrepentant… You may have noticed I learned from my mistakes.”

Still on his high horse, Horowitz told Colmes, “This isn’t about academic freedom. This is about academic standards.” But Horowitz gave not one statistic, not one fact showing how or why Mr. Ayres’ academic standards were lacking.

Continuing his diatribe, Horowitz alleged, “The university system has been debased by political ideologues that came out of the sixties and are now hiring other ideologues, and other political propagandists. This is no different from the communist professor who’s teaching a subject called (said with utter contempt) PEACE STUDIES and taking his students to Cuba, a terrorist state and teaching them, you know, to like terrorists.

Colmes asked, “Are they turning out commies?”

Horowitz, still without providing any sources, answered, “Oh, abosolutely… Where do you think all these demonstrators come from?”

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