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Too Much Coverage Of Dick Cheney? It’s A Democratic Plot

Reported by Ellen - February 17, 2006

Pass me the hanky. Sean Hannity pointed out the tragedy of those meanie Democrats forcing the media’s over-coverage of the Dick Cheney hunting accident.

Funny how Hannity never thought there was too much coverage of Natalee Holloway nor did he make a peep about spending a half-hour on one remark by Hillary Clinton. But tonight (2/17/06) on Hannity & Colmes, he complained to Democratic strategist, Steve Murphy, "You know, we ARE fighting a war on terror. It seems the Democrats are more fixated on whatever little nuanced issue that they can use to hurt the Administration… Do you think you're overplaying your hand?"

Murphy, a refreshing break from the pathetic showings by Susan Estrich and Bob Beckel earlier in the week, replied, “You're overplaying YOUR hand to try to connect the reaction to Dick Cheney shooting his friend to the war on terror… Look, we're fed up like the press is fed up with the lies and the cover-ups coming out of this administration." Murphy went on to say that if Cheney had just come out immediately with a statement to the press and said he was sorry, the whole thing would not have been a big deal. "But he left the farmer to put it out after he was safely back in DC."

Rather than defend Cheney or even the Bush Administration, Hannity tried to turn it into a partisan issue, saying that Democrats just keep attacking Bush, but it doesn’t get them anywhere.

The other guest, Robert Novak, also criticized Cheney’s handling of the accident. "Quite frankly, Sean, I don't think the Republicans are doing very well. I think the way they handled this indicates that they need a lot of reconstruction of the staff of the White House… But they have one asset. The asset they have is the Democratic Party. The Democrats look just terrible."

Alan Colmes broke in to take his turn. "You want to use this Cheney incident to bash Democrats… In fact, almost every Republican former press secretary has spoken out, Bob, about how poorly this was handled. It's not Democrats going after the Administration on this… It's Republicans eating their young on this issue."

Novak agreed that the incident was not handled well but, he said, "The Democrats just look miserable… They don't have a positive position."

Murphy quipped, "Bob, it's pretty hard to have a positive position on Dick Cheney shooting somebody."

Colmes noted that Whittington graciously apologized for all the trouble. "Shouldn't the apology be the other way around?"

Murphy replied that Whittington bore some responsibility but, he said, “I think the bigger issue is that this is emblematic of the way the Bush Cheney administration handles everything."

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