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Racist Propagandist Back on Dayside: Jerome Corsi Says Iran Declared War on U.S.

Reported by Janie - February 17, 2006

A few months back, Jerome Corsi, co-author of "Unfit for Command" (Whose greatest hits include: calling Islam "a worthless, dangerous Satanic religion", stating "Islam is like a virus -- it affects the mind -- maybe even better as an analogy -- it is a cancer that destroys the body it infects... No doctor would hesitate to eliminate cancer cells from the body", and "How's this as an analogy -- the Koran is simply the "software" for producing deviant cancer cell political behavior and violence in human beings".) appeared on Dayside to help the hosts tie the civil unrest in France to terrorism. Corsi was back on Dayside yesterday, this time to stir up even further trouble with Iran.

He began with this startling revelation, "They've declared war on the United States, they've declared war on Israel, the President has said Israel should be wiped off the earth, he said the holocaust never happened. It's a radical regime that wants to expand the revolution within the region and worldwide, and they want to attack America."

Comment: Sheesh, where I have been? I figured if a country declared war on the United States or Israel, it would be all over the news, ESPECIALLY on Fox! He had no proof to back up his claim that Iran had declared war, nor did he back up his claim that Iran is looking for a way to attack the U.S.

Corsi continued by telling the real reason we're attempting to invade Iran, "Economic as well, because see, oil is a major issue. Iran exports close to 2.9 million barrels a day of the 4 million they produce. They've urged the world to move to selling oil in the Euro. Right now about 70% of all oil, the exchange is held in dollars, and we sell our debt into that dollars. Now China, which has the second largest world holding of foreign exchange currency, almost a trillion dollars, is becoming one of the biggest buyers of oil from Iran, and Iran wants even China to move to holding their oil currency in Euros."

Comment: I was waiting for someone to finally admit the reason we're going to war in Iran is over oil - and their attempt to convert the oil market to Euros. Gee, someone else tried to do that in 2001. I can't remember who. Oh wait! It was Saddam Hussein!

Immediately after Corsi made these (honest) comments, co-host Juliet Huddy attempted to veer the conversation away from the real reason we're going to war, and move right back to what has worked so well for Republicans in the past - FEAR. Huddy asked, "Whenever you talk to Americans they always say oil is such an important issue for them, but again, the secondary part, Jihad against the United States. Are there actually cells they're sending here? Is that what we're talking about?"

Corsi responded, "Absolutely. And our border with Mexico is so porous, we've already found that we've gotten Middle Eastern people, probably terrorists, coming across that border and we're doing nothing really to stop it. They've attacked us already. We look at pages 240-41 of the 9/11 Commission report. The Mosul terrorists came in to the United States, who flew the airplanes, through Iran, with assistance from Al Qaeda and Hezbollah. These are very dangerous people."

Comment: Corsi has to be joking here. Saying that Iran "has already attacked us" is simply insane. Granted, the SAUDI terrorists were able to pass through Iran to Afghanistan with no problem, but Iran did NOT hit us. If Corsi would like to FINALLY go after the people that DID hit us on 9/11, maybe we should be looking at Saudi Arabia since 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi. But I guess Corsi would prefer to divert attention from the real people that hit us by insisting it was Iran, since Saudi Arabia isn't threatening to put their oil market on the Euro.

Apparently Corsi and Huddy's fear tactics worked, since the first comment from the audience was, "This goes way beyond oil. We're talking about a country, who by your own admission, considers themselves at war with us, with nuclear weapons. A terrorist nation with nuclear weapons, that does not sit well with me."

Comment: That's exactly what Bush would like the public to think. This isn't about oil - but rather some impending attack with weapons that don't even exist, and may be as far as 10 years away. Sounds just like Iraq all over, doesn't it?

Corsi, who appears to have a great distaste for those that follow Islam to begin with, is brought on by Fox as an Islamic expert and follows the Republican Party line to incite fear in the hearts of Americans to advance their agenda of invading a sovereign nation (with their own organized army that will fight back) with only conjecture, and no hard facts. No other guests were brought on to counter Corsi's insane rantings.

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