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John Gibson Doesn't Like The Olympics

Reported by Deborah - February 17, 2006

John Gibson pondered, "Why have the Winter Olympics been so dull? It's just a bunch of Euros and others competing for the gold." Gibson devoted his My Word segment today trying to convince his viewers that watching the Winter games is not only boring but unpatriotic too. Maybe Gibson's commentary was motivated by more than love of country.

What could be more patriotic than cheering for the USA during the games? Gibson had a very different opinion.
" The Olympics have become the UN with running shows. It's all the people who don't like America and certainly don't want to hear anyone shouting U-S-A, U-S-A. "

He went on to describe the glory days of past Olympics when team spirit and patriotism were wrapped as one.
"It was the red, white, and blue against the hated evil empire."
He spoke wistfully of "red army teams' and " godless communists" in the good old days when people still wanted Americans to win.

Knowing Gibson, he probably feels that way but this commentary was most likely suggested by FOX execs who are playing a ratings game with NBC during these games. It seems that NBC is trying to pass Fox's #3 rating and the Olympics could make that happen.

At the end of his segment Gibson was compelled to say that American Idol, a Fox show, is far better than the Olympics adding that at least it's about Americans. Interestingly enough, Lisa Bernhard has an article on the Fox News website with the title, "Why Americans Choose Idol Over Olympics." Guess Gibson and Bernhard read the same memo.

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