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Dick Morris Blasts Cheney: “Usually When There’s Something Like This, Alcohol Is Involved… Bush Doesn’t Need Friends Like Cheney.”

Reported by Ellen - February 17, 2006

Dick Morris, whose usual role on FOX News is to bash the Clintons, especially Hillary, took a surprising new tack last night (2/16/06) on Hannity & Colmes when he put Dick Cheney in the cross-hairs instead.

Morris began the interview by taking a brief detour into his more familiar hunting grounds when he told Alan Colmes, “Let me first say that this would never have happened in the Clinton-Gore Administration because they would never shoot a donor.” Morris smiled at his own joke. Colmes didn’t laugh.

But thereafter, Morris was all about Cheney. Morris called it “outrageous” that the Vice President took so long to reply to the accident. “When he finally did, it was to some local newspaper in Corpus Christi where he knew he wouldn’t get hard questions and even then he had Mrs. Armstrong do it.”

Morris said that the rule for a vice president is like the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm. “And this vice president has done immense harm to the Bush administration. This episode, the Libby affair… and now the revelation that Libby was instructed to release classified information to support the Iraq invasion. I support President Bush but I’m very concerned about the damage that Dick Cheney is doing to him.”

Morris continued by comparing this situation to Chappaquiddick. “When a politician mishandles something like this… it often is because they have something to hide.” Morris first said that he didn’t know what Cheney might be hiding. But before long, it was clear Morris suspected liquor. “Armstrong said there was no liquor served. Cheney said that he had a beer at lunch… There’s some element missing from this story and President Bush has more important things to do than to worry about a vice president covering up a hunting accident.”

Sean Hannity started his portion of the discussion by joking that Morris sounded as hysterical as “Alan’s friends.” But before long, the mirth was gone and Hannity was the one who seemed hysterical. His voice rising and his hands shooting a make-believe rifle, Hannity sounded exasperated as he asked, “What do you think here, Dick? You think this is like, you know, the vice president aimed and fired at his friend?”

“What do I think? It’s hard to speculate but usually when there’s something like this, alcohol is involved. And he admitted to drinking at lunch.”

Hannity sighed. “Do you think the president was drunk and firing bullets? …Don’t you think it’s a little irresponsible?”

Morris said that there was a large chunk of time that was unaccounted for and that Cheney had refused to submit to physical examination from law enforcement, except by the Secret Service. “I think it’s worth trying to figure out what happened.”

Hannity accused Morris of blowing the story out of proportion. Then, in an indication that Hannity wasn’t so sure, he immediately started telling falsehoods. “You think that the Vice President, (who) does not have a history of drinking at all, was stumbling down drunk and didn’t have the capacity to walk into a hospital? Do you know how absurd this sounds?” Comment: What’s really absurd is that Hannity would say that with a straight face. Cheney has admitted to two DUI convictions. Furthermore, as Media Matters reports, FOX News “curiously decided not to broadcast Cheney's acknowledgment that he drank a beer before accidentally shooting a hunting companion in the face” when it aired his exclusive interview with Brit Hume the night before. Media Matters also noted that Cheney’s comments about his alcohol consumption were just as curiously withheld from the “full interview” available on the FOX News website.

Morris said he wasn’t making an accusation. “I’m saying that (Cheney’s) begging the question by not communicating with the media for 24 hours, not issuing a statement for four days and letting speculation build about this... What I’m saying in the broader sense is that Bush doesn’t need friends like Cheney right now – who has his chief of staff leaking stuff about Valerie Plame (Comment: Wasn’t Libby indicted for obstructing the investigation, not doing the leaking?) …then says he did it at Cheney’s direction, and now this.”

Hannity then distorted the truth again by saying, “We don’t know what her position was as a CIA operative or even if she was one… Most people believe she was not a covert operative.”

Why did the CIA refer the case to the DOJ for an investigation if she wasn’t? Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said Plame was a covert agent when he announced the indictments against Scooter Libby. Also, two former CIA operatives called the leak a serious betrayal. By ignoring those facts, Hannity proved once again that he is either the world’s most ignorant host on a national news network or the most duplicitous.

Crooksandliars.com has the video.

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