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What Century Is This? FOX News Witch Hunt After Communists In The Universities

Reported by Ellen - February 16, 2006

Author David Horowitz seemed even more McCarthy-esque last night as he spent the Wednesday night (2/15/06) segment of his week-long, university-bashing gig on Hannity & Colmes attacking a Purdue University professor Horowitz declared was a communist.

Alan Colmes asked “So what?” and wanted to know what’s wrong with a professor having an ideology.

Horowitz, an ex-Marxist and admitted traitor to the United States, was dripping with smug self-superiority as he has during every appearance. “What he’s doing – he’s the head of a peace studies program and if you look at the curriculum of the program and the books and what he does – basically, he is indoctrinating students, he’s training them in Communist doctrine, the United States is the evil empire, the terrorists are freedom fighters.” Like McCarthy, but without the papers to wave, Horowitz offered neither the facts nor the sources upon which he based his conclusions. Did Horowitz sit in on these classes? Obtain first or second-hand evidence? He never said and nobody asked. “This guy is not teaching students how to think, he’s teaching them what to think,” Horowitz avowed, in a statement doing pretty much the same thing he was complaining about.

“Do we know how many communists came out of his class?” Colmes asked.

Horowitz was obviously stumped. He sputtered and stuttered and finally said, “I’m not the Roper organization.”

But before long, Horowitz regained his footing and was on the attack again. “How in the world did Purdue hire a communist? It’s like having a flat-earthist.”

Colmes noted that Pat Buchanan has made statements similar to Targ’s. Horowitz agreed and, sounding more like McCarthy by the minute, added, “But this guy is a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. He was actually expelled from the American Communist Party for not supporting the coup against Gorbachev. He supported the Soviet dictator. The guy has obvious, committed views and he is indoctrinating his students. He’s showing them films, he takes them to Cuba, tells them what a great place it is, what an evil empire the United States is.”

Sean Hannity’s restrained discussion suggested that he was not comfortable with the witch hunt, either. He asked Horowitz to describe the particular reasons why this professor is so bad.

Horowitz responded, “There are 300 - 250 peace studies programs and I’ve studied a lot of them and read their textbooks. And basically, what they’re teaching students, without, giving them, you know, access to critical views, is that the terrorists are freedom fighters and they compare them to our founding fathers, actually, that America is the great Satan, the evil empire, the imperialist power.”

Even Hannity seemed to think this was over the top. He interrupted Horowitz to say, in a slightly testy voice he usually reserves for Democrats, “I got that,” and asked Horowitz to focus more on this particular professor.

“Part of the indoctrination is an introduction to radical movements like the terrorists in Mexico, the Zapatista movement… taking them to Cuba. So he is introducing them and presenting as the solution to these world problems – Communist solutions. He’s A COMMUNIST!”

Hannity interrupted again. “I understand that.”

Then Horowitz started to move on toward attacking Purdue. “The real question is - Harry Targ had to be voted on by his entire political science department at Purdue three times.”

“Maybe he’s a good teacher,” Colmes said.

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