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Mike Gallagher - Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Reported by Janie - February 16, 2006

Conservative radio host Mike Gallagher (who claimed one Bush/Cheney ad from 2004 "brilliantly put together side by side Al Gore's raging maniacal rant next to Adolf Hitler.") appeared on Dayside yesterday along side Democratic strategist Bob Beckel to discuss the fall-out of the Cheney shooting incident. Rather than attempt to explain that the Vice President had no false intentions, or to explain just how such an incident happened, he merely provided the only ammunition the Right wing has - ignore it and bring up a Democrat who did something similar.

During the segment, Gallagher offered these excuses in regards to the Cheney incident:

"It's safer to go hunting with Dick Cheney than it is to take a car ride with Ted Kennedy at midnight." (Applause)

"It is a partisan issue."

"No one was squawking about when he [Bill Clinton] stumbled down the stairs at Greg Norman's house. There weren't any demands then about what happened when he tumbled down the steps."

Comment: First, the incident with golfer Greg Norman isn't even a comparison that makes sense, Clinton injured himself - not someone else, and according to Beckel, Clinton's people held a press conference within the hour of the accident. There are simply zero similarities between these two events. Merely a way to bash one of the Clinton's by bringing up their name when they have absolutely nothing to do with the discussion.

Second, this is all the Right has - ignore the issue at hand and what has taken place, and spin it back to something some Democrat did within the last century. Sure, there was an incident with Ted Kennedy, and if he actually did what he is accused of then he should have gone to jail, but no one, including the Vice President of the United States or a Senator, is above the law. Whether what happened with Cheney was illegal or not (with the delay in speaking to the Sherriff, this simply may never be determined), the defense of "someone else did it!" absolutely does not hold water. Legal is legal, whether some other politician of any party committed the same act first.

Bob Beckel just could not hold his own in this segment, and allowed Gallagher to crack jokes at his expense, taking any levity away from what he had to say.

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