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Hey Sean Hannity, obsess on THIS!

Reported by Chrish - February 16, 2006

For a month we had to listen to Sean Hannity harp on the unused school buses that sat flooded in a municipal parking lot in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Over and over and over again Fox News showed the aerial footage of those buses, pointing an accusatory figure at New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and away from Bush appointees Michaels Brown and Chertoff

At the time I saw a quick bit on CNN about thousands of FEMA trailers ready and waiting to be transported to suitable locations for evacuees. I did a cursory search of the web and found some images but not exactly what I had seen on CNN. As my colleagues can attest, I contacted CNN in an effort to get video or a still shot of the trailers, as I wanted to juxtapose them with the buses. When they couldn't accomodate me, I returned to the web for the images I had initially seen and, oddly, couldn't find them again.

Yesterday and today (2/16/06) CNN has been running a segment, "Immobile Homes", about thousands and thousands of these mobile homes STILL sitting on lots, unused. Congressman Mike Ross of Arkansas toured the facility in Hope Arkansas where the trailers sit after hearing that they were unuseable and sinking in mud. As the video showed and Rep. Ross testified, the trailers are clean, furnished, and empty.

What are they waiting for? 12,000 families were evicted by FEMA from government-paid hotels on Tuesday, and many of them still have no place to go.

I'm expecting Hannity to be outraged at the sheer wastefulness and incompetence evidenced by these taxpayer-owned facilities - $300,000,000 worth - sitting unused, and we demand nightly running of the aerial video, until those 11.000 trailers are occupied by traumatized, disillusioned, hurting southern American families listening the the CDB and watching St. Sean on FOX - or better yet, listening to the Dixie Chicks and watching Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Sorry for lousy "screenshot". If anyone can tell me how to get a screenshot off of MythTV (TM) please gmail me newshounds@gmail.com. Thanks.

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