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Susan Estrich Hearts Sean Hannity

Reported by Ellen - February 15, 2006

She’s back. Susan Estrich, the Democratic “strategist” more interested in flirting with Republicans (especially Sean Hannity) than in arguing on behalf of Democrats, was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (2/14/06) after an all-too-brief absence.

The Carol Channing sound-alike was on hand along with Kate O’Beirne, who stayed on from the prior segment about Dick Cheney’s hunting accident, for a two-part discussion. It started off about oppo research and something about memos showing a fat-looking Newt Gingrich and the face of Howard Dean being superimposed on the figure in the painting “The Scream.” Carol – I mean, Susan was quick to refer to “my friend, Newt Gingrich” and she laughed so hard when Kate O’Beirne noted “a resemblance” to Dean in the painting that O’Beirne seemed more embarrassed by Estrich’s overdone display than flattered.

When Sean Hannity began his turn, he switched the subject to Al Gore. Hannity didn't get past, “Hey, Susan,” before she belted out, in a sing-song voice, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sean… You’re my Valentine.”

Hannity smiled but he didn’t stray from the business at hand – bashing Al Gore for having told a Saudi Arabian audience that the American government committed terrible abuses against Arabs in the US.

Estrich’s so-called Democratic strategy was to say that what Al Gore said was wrong but so was John Spencer when he accused Hillary Clinton of aiding and abetting the enemy. John who? I had to do a Google search to find out who she was talking about. He’s the almost-certain-to-be-defeated Republican challenger for Clinton’s senate seat. Not exactly a big name.

Estrich told Hannity at least three times that she didn’t agree with Al Gore. Calling his statements “unhelpful,” she also said, “Dare I say there’s a reason he’s a former vice president?” (Comment: At least he got elected to national office – not to mention a larger share of the popular vote than the Republican candidate when he ran for president – which is quite a bit more than she can say about her candidate, Michael Dukakis.)

Estrich, of course, never saw fit to comment upon the Bush Administration’s cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia until Alan Colmes brought it up. “We have an administration that’s very buddy, buddy with this ‘horrible’ Saudi government, don’t we?” he asked, prompting her at the end of her discussion with Hannity. Finally, she remembered. With wide Carol-Channing eyes, she squeaked, “They are!”

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