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Dick Cheney, Republican victim

Reported by Chrish - February 15, 2006

There was a short segment on Neil Cavuto's "business" program today 2/15/06 with progressive author and television host Bill Press debating radio talk show host Michael Smerconish about the Cheney shooting incident, over the chyron "Politicizing hunting accident: big mistake for Democrats?" , a subliminal negative suggestion which remained on the screen most of the time.

Press gave credit to Cheney for reportedly saying to Brit Hume in the exclusive interview that he, Cheney, takes responsibility for pulling the trigger, unlike others in the administration who are trying to pass the blame to the victim. To that Cormerish replied that the VP's office should have issued a statement after the shooting, and that was the mistake, but now let's "get over it." He said he was almost reluctant to issue this "counsel" to the Dem leadership, but "This is Mrs. Alito all over again. It's Chuck Schumer and Ted Kennedy and the whole gang being totally out of step with middle America. Middle America is watching this on television and they're saying, 'my god, the poor guy accidentally shot his buddy; what a burden to walk around the rest of your life'....It's not right and it's not gonna play, so let them keep going."

Comment: Middle-American columnist and hunter Mike Hendricks disagrees. "Look, pal. No matter how Scott McClellan spins it, standard procedure is not to shoot first and ask questions later. That’s our defense policy, not the rules of engagement on a hunting trip."

Bill Press pointed out former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, Vin Weber, and Marlin Fitzwater have come out with criticism of the administration's lack of candor so it is clearly not a Democrat issue alone. He said it was a Republican issue by a Republican VP covered up by a Republican White House. Don't try to blame it on Democrats; it won't wash!" Cormerisch said "coverup - what, now it's Watergate, c'mon, Chappaquiddick - what, are you kidding?"

Comment: That's exactly what I was thinking. Ted Kennedy's accident and slow response to same is STILL being brought up with predictable regularity over 35 YEARS later. There are two theories reinforced in this segment: 1. There's nothing too small for this administration to cover up, sure sign of guilty consciences, and 2. they live by a total double standard which makes them hypocrites

So here comes the spin: Dick Cheney did not issue a press statement even though he knew it might cost him some political points (I think he's down to single digits already) because he was concerned about his friend and didn't want to overshadow the victim.

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