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Cheney Incident "Much Ado About Not Really Much"

Reported by Janie - February 15, 2006

Brit Hume appeared on Dayside yesterday to discuss the Cheney shooting incident, but rather than address the serious questions surrounding the Administration's decision to hold the information from the public, he decided to divert attention and blasted what he feels is partisanship in Washington.

Hume appeared at the beginning of the show, moments before it was disclosed in a press conference that Cheney's victim, Harry Whittington, has suffered a heart attack. Hume began his opinion with, "The truth is, this is much ado about not really much. The VP might be able to dispel this a little bit if he came out and said something, but there's no other reason for him to do so, but he may anyway."

Comment: So according to Hume, when the Vice President of the United States shoots a man and doesn't tell the public for 21 hours, has the Secret Service turn away local authorities because Cheney cut a deal with the Sherriff to not be interviewed until the next morning (allowing time to purge his system of any possible alcohol content), takes the victim to a small hospital in a small town when the Corpus Christi hospital is closer and has better treatment facilities, and the diagram of where and how the bird spray hit the victim does not completely match up with the story Cheney has been telling, this is considered "much ado about not really much."

The segment broke at this point to cut to a press briefing where Mr. Whittington's doctors were updating the public on his condition and announced that he had suffered a small heart attack.

Hume was brought back onto the show after this revelation, but continued with his original line of thought.

Hume began with, "It isn't as if that information was known and should have been earlier communicated, these doctors briefed yesterday and didn't know about this. This is apparently something they've just discovered..."

Comment: Hume states this is something the doctors JUST found out about, even though during the briefing they stated they had made this determination at 6:30 in the morning. Hume simply assumes that the White House didn't know about this, but was proven dead wrong when it was later revealed that the White House did in fact know that the heart attack had taken place, and even stayed mum throughout McClellan’s press briefing yesterday.

Hume continued near the end of the segment: "Changing the tone in Washington has been the goal, for example, of this president since he was first elected. It has not changed, its worsened. One might have thought that the sense of national unity that occurred after the September 11th attacks would have lasted a while. It didn't. It lasted about a year, and now the partisan atmosphere is more fierce than ever and the acrimony between the body politic nation-wide is the worst I've ever seen."

Comment: Perfect Republican answer. Talk about what lofty ideals the President had, blame the news coverage of a national incident on partisan politics (It's the Democrats fault!), invoke 9/11 and divert attention from the real issue at hand. Who expected anything less from Hume and Fox?

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