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Hannity & Colmes Launches New Witch Hunt Against University Professors

Reported by Ellen - February 14, 2006

FOX News has a new weapon in its crusade to divide and polarize America during a time of war: a new book by admitted traitor, David Horowitz, about the 101 most dangerous university professors in America. Hannity & Colmes not only showcased this latest hate-manifesto from the non-student who formed “Students for Academic Freedom,” the show will crucify a different professor from the book each night this week. And it’s not even published by a News Corp subsidiary.

Last night’s victim was a FOX News fave in the scapegoat department: Ward Churchill.

Horowitz called Churchill “The Enron scandal of the universities.” Then he launched into the usual Churchill attacks which anyone who watches FOX News or reads this blog will find all too familiar. Comment: Do a site search of Ward Churchill to find other instances of FOX News’ inexplicable obsession with Churchill. It makes me wonder if he’s related to Hillary somehow. But I digress.

As Horowitz droned on about Churchill’s lack of credentials, I searched SourceWatch, Students For Academic Freedom and Wikipedia to see what kind of credentials Horowitz had in education or academic administration and found none.

Horowitz, the self-appointed academic expert, proclaimed that “Churchill’s views, that America deserved 9/11, are shared by thousands of professors across the country and they introduce these views (into the classroom).” How does he know that? How did he document it? He didn’t bother to explain.

Kudos to Alan Colmes for confronting Horowitz about the book. “In my view, you have cherry-picked, you’ve taken certain professors, you’ve played a game of guilt by association and accused people of things – like Victor Navasky who has the horrible experience of editing The Nation, Beverly McCloud of DePaul is guilty of not supporting The Patriot Act – I could go on and on and on about these things that you’ve linked to these horrible, evil – you call them radical liberals and I think it’s a case of – again – cherry-picking and playing a guilt by association game which is McCarthyite tactics.”

Horowitz claimed that his book is about “the intellectual corruption of the university” and then added gratuitously that Beverly McCloud is a racist.

Colmes did not defend Churchill but defended the right of a professor to have controversial views. “Look, you have been after legislating what professors can or can’t say in the classroom, using people like Ward Churchill… This is about academic freedom and the right of a professor to have free speech in a classroom, some of which you may or may not agree with.”

Horowitz said that the issue is whether a professor is “a professional in the classroom.” What does that mean and what gives him the right to decide? He never said. He sneeringly asserted that there are unqualified professors in the classrooms. Comment: News flash for Horowitz! There are always unqualified people in every profession. If he’s so concerned about qualifications, why isn’t he out there protesting some of the Bush appointments? Or better yet, working to improve the quality of public school education?

Horowitz told Colmes it didn’t matter if the professors were liberal or conservative, the important thing was not to be “indoctrinating students” in the classrooms. But I’ll bet that every target on H&C this week, if not every professor named in the book, just happens to be liberal.

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