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Carl Cameron Uses Scooter Libby As One Excuse Of Why The Vice President Didn't Disclose Shooting Right Away

Reported by Donna - February 14, 2006

Carl Cameron came sweeping into Studio B, full of apologies for the office of the Vice President. In a very extended segment, Shepard Smith, Carl Cameron, Fox's Chief White House Correspondent and Juan Williams, Fox News Contributor and Senior National Corespondent at NPR, spoke at great length about the Vice President shooting a fellow hunter on Saturday.

I'm not going to post the whole transcript, as it was too long and tiresome. Just be sure that the words, accident, no way illegal, there is no crime here, were repeated many times. Carl was great on his apologist stand at the end of the segment. There's actually some good comedy here.

The following is my partial transcript of Carl Cameron and Juan Williams.

Carl Cameron: I should tell you this, by way of some sort of statement from the vice president (Comment: C'mon Carl, don't get all technical on us now, some sort of statement?) that he talked with Mr. Whittington today. (Comment: I feel better now, don't you?) Later this week the vice president is scheduled to return to his home state of Wyoming to speak to the Wyoming State Legislature. That's where we might hear the vice president in a friendly environment, certainly a lot of hunters in Wyoming, (Comment: Ha-ha, Cameron made a funny) perhaps talk a little bit, perhaps publicly, about this. (Comment: Tell him not to do us any favors)...Uh...there is a communications strategy in place certainly after the calamity of this weekend and to put the pieces back together. (Comment: This is where he caught himself and said the following)

But, it's important to note this is not the White House Communications structure. They're arguing that the vice president was acting sort of unilaterally on Saturday and Sunday (Comment: Is that scary or what?) and now the White House is sort of inheriting the fallout for it. And, it's also well noted that some of the vice president's top staffers have departed his office recently.

Of course Scooter Libby has got legal problems and is not around. (Comment: Do you really want to go there, Carl?) In addition to that, a couple of key people when it comes to messages, one, Steve Schmidt, a top vice presidential advisor, has left the White House and is now running Arnold Schwarzeneggar's gubernatorial campaign and there are a couple of other key people who weren't around because they've gone on to greener pastures.

Juan Williams: You know, Carl, there's no Mary Matalin in this mix, which there used to be, the vice presidents spokesperson. But, just a second. Wait a second. On Saturday Andy Card, the White House Chief of Staff knew about it. Karl Rove knew about it. They informed the president. So the White House Press Office can't just say we defer to the vice president's staff. They had the information and they didn't share it.

Carl Cameron: I'm not saying it's a good excuse; I'm just saying it's the one they're sticking to.

Comments: Cameron's effusive apologist stance was just too much. In another part of the segment he referred to finding out today about Mr. Whittington's heart attack as "we now find out Tuesday that one of the bird shot entered his chest cavity and hurt his heart in some way." It's called a heart attack! Smith asked Cameron when the White House found out about that. Cameron's answer? "Well, the White House, the doctors obviously in Texas knew early this morning. The White House was made aware that this was an issue and was actually alerted this afternoon at 10 o'clock." I don't know, but 10 o'clock has never been referred to as 'afternoon' anywhere that I know of. If the White House knew by 10 this morning, then McClellan didn't disclose something once again. What is it with this White House and secrecy? My goodness, it sounded like a Seinfeld episode, 'He shot a man, not that there's anything wrong with that!'

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