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FOX News Alert: There Might Just Possibly Be Undiscovered WMDs In Iraq

Reported by Marie Therese - February 13, 2006

In an absolutely ludicrous segment Saturday morning Republican Congressman Peter Hoekstra of Michigan guested on FOX & Friends. He sprinkled fairy dust and transported viewers to Never Never Land. Yes, Mrs. & Mrs. America and all the ships at sea, three years later and - by golly - the Administration is still trying to find those pesky WMDs! (Guess they weren't under Dubya's desk after all!)

Alisyn Camerata started the ball rolling by noting that there are hours and hours of tapes of meetings between Saddam Hussein and his staff, most of them dating back to the "early 1990's" and at least one as late as 2000.

Here's the rub. Hoekstra admitted that he didn't think these tapes were "going to give us real insight." Ah, but he continued, saying: "I think the important thing here is that they point out the gaps, the gaps in our post-war intelligence in trying to figure out what was going on prior to the war. We've got people who haven't been interviewed. We've got sites that haven't been visited. And we've got 35,000 boxes of documents that remain untranslated and unanalyzed. We need to get those out, get them on the internet, have Arabic scholars, Arabic linguists from around the world translating those documents so that we get a better picture of what was going on in Iraq prior to the war."

Now let me get this straight. In a country of 24 million Arabic-speaking individuals, many of whom are well-educated and 60% of whom are UNEMPLOYED and DESPERATE FOR A JOB, neither the Iraqi government nor the American armed forces can find enough translators?

CAMERATA (excited): And do you think they'll reveal the secret of weapons of mass destruction?

HOEKSTRA: I'm not sure what they'll reveal, but they will give us a better insight. Like I said, there are just too many gaps today in our understanding of what went on in Iraq prior to the war. We ought to go and dig into that deeply now rather than continuing to guess, wonder and debate over the next 3 to 5 years. Were there WMD? What were his links to terrorism? Let's see if we can't get a clearer picture.


With all due apologies to Don Quixote, whose heart was pure, Congressman Hoekstra was tilting at windmills.

The GOP knows it only has ONE issue - terror - to run on in 2006 and they're milking it to the last drop. By throwing out the red herring of 35,000 boxes of untranslated documents, they keep alive hope in the hearts of dyed-in-the-wool Bush lovers that there really was a large cache of weapons of mass destruction that has yet to be discovered.

It's actually quite pathetic.

As the Vice President showed us this weekend, this is the gang that can't shoot straight!

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