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Weekly Proclamations From The B Boys

Reported by Deborah - February 11, 2006

So what great wisdom did viewers take away from the Beltway Boys this week? As usual they had nothing new to offer but their function on FNC is to make proclamations about the stories of the past week always mindful of the GOP talking points that have been suggested from above. 2/11/06

On the topic of Senator Clinton, Mort Kondracke proclaimed, " She looks kind of angry. It's not attractive." Some members of Kondracke's generation might still believe that women must smile, look pretty and never raise their voices in anger. However, people that out of touch are rare and are either watching or working at FNC.

On the subject of patriotism, Fred Barnes made this proclamation. " There are people in Washington who call their opponents unpatriotic. This week Howard Dean called Karl Rove unpatriotic." It's very hard to imagine that Barnes was not aware of the mind numbing hypocrisy of his statement. Let's assume that his comment was a failed attempt at sarcastic humor.

After Kondracke mentioned that Brown's testimony about Katrina was embarrassing for President Bush, Barnes proclaimed about Brown, "He didn't have to call the President. He didn't need Bush' permission." It's hard to say what was going on in Barnes head when he made that comment.

On the important issue of warrantless domestic spying, Kondracke proclaimed that Democrats are backing away from the issue after looking at the polls and thinking, "Let's find a way to make this legal." Sorry Mort, but saying it doesn't make it so.

And finally, both proclaimed Condi Rice a great leader in the mold of Colin Powell because she stood up to Iran and Syria about the cartoon rioting.

There you have it. The Beltway Boys have proclaimed this week completed.

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