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The Katrina Victims Wouldn't Have Ended Up On Their Roofs If They'd "Accepted Some Personal Responsibility"

Reported by Melanie - February 10, 2006

Your World w/Neil Cavuto opened today (February 10, 2006) with a segment featuring Fox's Oliver North. North was on to explain that the insurgency in Iraq is being fueled by ransom money paid by the families of Iraqi citizens whom the insurgents kidnap. North's point seemed to be that if the dang families would just stop paying for the return of their loved ones, the insurgency would run out of gas. Never mind, of course, that you and I (and probably North himself) would pay whatever we could to get our loved ones back and oh yeah, what about the security situation? If the Bush administration had actually planned for the safety of the Iraqi people they might not be getting kidnapped already. And if, and if, and if...

Next came a report by Fox's Steve Harrigan. He complained that half the Iraqi army recruits quit after they get their first paycheck. The moral of his report was that you can't blame the Bush administration for not getting the military up and running when the lazy, irresponsible Iraqis behave that way!

Next came a segment about what a great corporation Home Depot is because it lets 30-some employees compete in the Olympic Games.

After that, Fox featured a segment about Wayne Gretzky and his wife's betting scandal. The buzz was about Gretzky, how much he knew, when he knew it, and what should happen to him depending on the answers to those questions.

Next came a segment bashing the Mayor of Los Angeles. Fox claimed that he owes a debt of gratitude to the Bush administration for preventing an attack on the Library Tower.

Several minutes later, Cavuto hosted a round table discussion about what a bad idea it would be to "raise taxes" (i.e., not extend the tax cuts) on the rich, who are, after all, the most "productive members of our society."

Tucked in between the segment about L.A.'s ungrateful mayor and the suffering rich was a segment that didn't quite get off the ground, but the message was clear nonetheless.

Cavuto returned from an ad break with a FOX NEWS ALERT! Over video of victims of Hurricane Katrina being rescued by helicopters, Cavuto began his introduction:

This is a Fox News alert. Former FEMA Director Michael Brown on the hot seat, and how! Congress grilled him about his role in the government's response after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. It's a nonstop blame game. Brown, pointing a finger at Homeland Security. Some, of course, are blaming Brown. Others say the White House was at fault, or the governor, or the mayor. No one though seems to be considering that individuals need to accept some personal responsibility. From preparing for a natural disaster to preparing for retirement. Financial radio host and bestselling author, Dave Ramsey, put it in some perspective last week when he appeared on Cashin' In.
(My emphasis.)

Fox showed video of Dave Ramsey saying:

Well, when you spend everything you make, you end up standing on top of your house. That's what it amounts to. So you've got to think better than that.
(My emphasis.)

A chyron appeared at the bottom of the screen: "Personal Responsibility: From Katrina to Retirement Savings."

Back to Cavuto:

He got a lot of people talking and emailing and thinking. We welcome back Dave Ramsey, host of the Dave Ramsey Show, who's on the air right now. Hey Dave! Welcome back!

Turns out the technicians hadn't established an audio link between Cavuto and Ramsey so the segment had to be canceled, but you get the gist of what it was going to be about.

Comment: My brain is fried. You're on your own.

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