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Rush Limbaugh & Neil Cavuto - What a Pair

Reported by Melanie - February 9, 2006

Early last week, Fox began advertising an "exclusive" interview that Neil Cavuto (its alleged "business news" guru) would have with Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday (February 8, 2006). Well, the interview - is it over yet? - has come and gone but here are a few of the choicer bits of wisdom Rush and Neil imparted to the audience.

I put my faves in bold type.


After talking about their golf averages (they were live at Pebble Beach), Cavuto brought up the "anger over the cartoons." He said, "a lot of people are saying it's going to affect even our society. Is it that bad?" Limbaugh said, "it's got the potential to." The "cartoon anger's just the latest. These people hit us on 9/11." (It took Limbaugh less time to bring up 9/11 than it took Bush in his State of the Union address.) Yesterday and the day before "there were hearings about whether or not we should actually try to find out if they're going to hit us again." (Funny. I thought the NSA hearings were about the legality of Bush's wiretaps and ah, issues like the Constitution and the 4th Amendment.) Limbaugh said that while we have all this "glaring evidence on the threat that's posed and who these people are," I don't think there's "any way they can be inculturated [sic] into peaceful societies...you want to talk about Middle East peace with an atmosphere like that?"

Limbaugh said you've got the Democratic party "looking at President Bush as the big enemy," trying "to impeach him, trying to embarrass him over this spy scandal, which they have miscast. It's not domestic spying. They make it look like they're interested in an Al Qaeda terrorist bill of rights. [That's a big fave of mine.] So, yeah, I think we are in a sort of a trepidatious [sic] situation because the country apparently is not unified on the existence of the threat."

Cavuto wondered if Limbaugh thought that, "in a perverse sense," this "helps the President's push for wiretapping for the kinds of things he wants to do to protect us?"

Limbaugh said, "I don't look at this politically." The Democratic party and "the American left act like they remain to be convinced that we even have an enemy." "To heck with the polls," George W. Bush is "going to do his job. To heck with what the media is saying about him or what Jimmy Carter says at a funeral about him. He's gonna do his job."

Cavuto reminded Limbaugh that when Americans are polled, "they're all for...tapping the bad guys," but when they're asked "if it were you, they're dead set against it."

Limbaugh said the problem, "although I don't want to sound obsessively partisan here, even though I love partisanship because I think it's defining. You know who you're dealing with." The "media uses polls to create news stories." You "can ask any question you want and get any answer you want." When it comes to this issue, "it's irrelevant to him. He's going to do what he's gonna do."


Cavuto on the funeral for Coretta Scott King: "I was thinking about President Bush and how he must have felt yesterday at that Coretta Scott King funeral. A lot of people were dumping on him, including a couple of former presidents."

Limbaugh: "I'll tell you how he felt. Happy. These people are embarrassing themselves. The Democratic party, that funeral had everything in it. It had a Brokeback Mountain moment in it when Bishop Eddie [Bishop Eddie Long] embraced Bush or Bush embraced him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then you had a bunch of Wellstone memorial moments." Referring to the movie, The Wedding Crashers, Limbaugh said the "Democratic party crashes funerals." He said it was "absurd...disrespecting a sitting president."

Cavuto wondered if Bush should "have up and left?" Limbaugh said "No." He recalled the Clinton portrait unveiling at the White House last year and said Bush was "the epitome of class. He's not going to do anything that reflects poorly" on "the unique club, the presidents' club." Limbaugh said, "Bush doesn't look bad here. He looks above it all. These people are the ones that look petty."

Cavuto, continuing to hand Limbaugh questions on a silver platter: "How did Jimmy Carter look?"

Limbaugh: "This is how he got his Nobel prize. You travel around the world and you beat up George Bush and the Nobel committee will say, you're our guy, and we'll give you the prize." (That's my absolute fave.)

Cavuto: "He did it in front of him..."

Limbaugh: He did it "with his back turned. Didn't have the guts to turn around and face him and say that and neither did Joe Lowery." I think "they're a bunch of cowards. They think they're entitled to power." They "think it has been stolen from then." If there was to be "any anger from above" it "would have come from" Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King, Jr. "To take the occasion of that to get in these cheap, partisan little childish little shots makes the Democrats look exactly like they actually are."

Limbaugh turned toward the camera and asked viewers to pay attention: The Democrats "want to raise your taxes and grow government and all that." They're "so angry and so irrational that their anger is causing them to shed the camouflage and shed the masks and we're finding out they are mean-spirited, they are discriminatory, they're extremists, and they're wrong." They're "showing they can't be trusted."


Cavuto wondered if Bush's budget and deficit were "a disappointment to conservatives?" Limbaugh said the spending has "been a little of a depressing aspect of the administration to me."


Cavuto said, "It's terror. Everyone says it's terror. He's the guy on terror. Is that the trump issue?"

Limbaugh: "I think it has to be." He's "a wonderful man. I've gotten to know him fairly well." But the Democrats present "the opposite view of how to run the country. It's abhorrent to me."

Limbaugh continued his rant: The "Democrats don't trust individuals to make the right decisions for themselves. They need people to be in a state of need because that's how liberals derive their power. So they look at average Americans with contempt." On the other hand, "Conservatives trust average, ordinary Americans." On "the liberal side of the isle, those people are targets for punishment." The "Democrats' enemies list" is "Exxon-Mobil, any pharmaceutical company, Wal-Mart. You go right down the list and it's the people who are defining success in this country.


Cavuto wondered what Limbaugh thought about "the prospect of a President Hillary Clinton."

Limbaugh said a Harris poll or a USA/CNN/Gallup poll came out "a couple of weeks ago" that showed that "51% of the American people said they definitely would not vote for Hillary Clinton." (Didn't Limbaugh just say that he thought polls were useless?) He said he didn't "think she can win a national election."

Cavuto: "Obviously, you're a great student of political history," but remember, the "Carter folks" hoped Ronald Reagan would get the nomination because "no way he could win."

Limbaugh: "I look at her, what kind of personality that she is." She won't benefit from "an anti-encumbent mentality." There is a "new media out there today that does not let the left get away with defining the news," and "they haven't learned how to deal with it. They haven't learned how to deal with people like me, the problems they think Fox News causes." They have a "30 year old playbook." I "think she will probably redefine negative turnout."

Cavuto: But Hillary "has moved to the center."

Limbaugh: NO SHE HASN'T! She's "trying to make people think she has moved." I've "been trying to help the Democrats for eight years on this and they won't listen. Just be what you are!"

Cavuto: It worked for Bill Clinton.

Limbaugh: "But the base of the Democratic party is a totally different animal than it was."

Cavuto: Bill Clinton "avoided that base." It could work for his wife.

Limbaugh: Republicans "angered me the most about this, talking about we must move to the center." I say, "screw them. I want people that are passionate." Conservatives "win when they are conservative." People "are hungry for ideology." There's "no middle there to finesse. If Democrats want to try it, I welcome them to it."

Cavuto ended the interview by, as always, trying to make it look like he runs a "business news" show. He asked Limbaugh where he invested his money. "Well over 50% in munis and real estate."

With that, the 17 minute, two-part interview ended.

Incredible itsn't it? Both of these guys claim to think that George Bush is the greatest president we've had in generations yet they have virtually nothing to say about his alleged accomplishments. What a thoroughly predictable interview.

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