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Pre-emptive damage control covers for another defense of American Secret Police

Reported by Chrish - February 9, 2006

Bush misspoke again today 2/9/06 and John Gibson did some pre-emptive damage control in his "My Word" segment on The Big Story. It is such a minor matter yet the friends at FOX were swift to defend the blunder. One has to wonder, though, if it was such an important anecdote and accomplishment for Homeland Security, why was the commander-in-chief not better acquainted with the relevant facts?

In Bush's Verbal Blunder, Gibson seeks to pre-empt the inevitable late-night jokes sure to be made about the latest gaffe while giving another plug for the illegal warrantless domestic spying (which is of course disguised as necessary international terrorist eavesdropping):

The president is giving speeches about how we've been doing in the War on Terror and why we need to keep listening to Al Qaeda's phone calls when they call America and Americans when Thursday he shanked one
I was sitting in front of the TV watching as Bush described a terror plot aimed at Liberty Tower in Los Angeles. I thought, "Hmmm, what Liberty Tower?" I couldn't remember the Liberty Tower. Turns out there was a reason: there isn't a Liberty Tower. It was actually called Library Tower, now known as US Bank Tower."

He then went on a rant about the critics of the IWDS (illegal warrantless domestic spying) , " Why do they keep screaming, "Dot the 'i's, cross the 't's. Legal, legal, legal, and we'll tell you what legal is, by the way. Just remember: Next time a terrorist plans to blow up the Liberty Tower in L.A., you want somebody on our side to be listening, don't you?"

Comment: This is so tiresome. I know it's their M.O., to repeat and repeat and repeat the distortion until it becomes like the truth to the brainwashed, but it ain't working this time. Americans want terrorism suspects surveilled and foiled, absolutely, but WE don't want OUR government spying on US without warrants. Very simple. Like the Social Security Privatization Scheme, this time it's personal.

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