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Faux Democrat Juan Williams Shills for Faux News

Reported by Janie - February 9, 2006

Fox News and the Republican Party have been working in concert this week to bash Democrats for what took place at Coretta Scott King's funeral, as many of my fellow Newshounds have pointed out. Dayside finally got around to taking on the topic on Wednesday, waiting two days to be fed their talking points. The hosts invited Mike Gallagher (Republican Fox News Correspondent) and Juan Williams (Democratic Fox News Correspondent) onto the show to participate in a debate session on the topic, in which Williams did nothing more than agree with all of the Republican talking points thrown his way.

During the funeral, former President Jimmy Carter said, "It was difficult for them [the King family] then personally with the civil liberties of both husband and wife violated as they became the target of secret government wiretaps."

When these comments were brought up on the show, Williams had this response, "President Carter has every platform, every time he wants to issue a statement, it'll end up on the front pages of all the papers in the country. If he felt so strongly, and he has said this before, I thought it was sort of a cheap shot, given that it was a funeral. It really was a violation of protocol given that the President of the United States was so gracious as to sit there. I think the President sat there for three hours. Now, that's not to say this wasn't a political event, it was totally political. Any time you get four presidents, all those Senators, the governor and everyone sitting there, they're trying to go heavenward on Mrs. King's wings, her angelic wings, but I thought Jimmy Carter stepped over the line there."

An audience member followed suit when the discussion was opened to comments saying "I think the event should be looked at and spoken about as far as the person is concerned, a historical nature of what that person meant to society."

Surprisingly, it turns out that the Kings actually were wiretapped! According to Newsweek: "J. Edgar Hoover obsessed over King. The FBI, worried that he was under communist influence, wiretapped and harassed the preacher from 1962 until his death."

So if the issue as the audience member stated, was sticking to historical fact, it seems President Carter did stick to history! What is a funeral for, if not for discussing what occurred in the person's life, and the hardships they were forced to face? Simply because the current President of the United States is involved in the same sort of illegal activity currently, and was "gracious" enough to attend the funeral as Williams stated (gee, thanks for doing the African-American community such a favor by showing up!) does not mean the actual events that occurred in the life of the person being honored should be edited out to appease the President. This ceremony was to honor King and what she endured - NOT Bush simply because he made an appearance.

The entire segment was nothing more than a hate-fest directed at Carter, Reverend Lowery and magically morphed into an attack on the entire Democratic party. Looks like Fox fulfilled their "two minutes of hate" for the day, with Williams as a willing participant.

Correction: While Willaims did bash Carter for unknown reasons, he did make a weak attempt to stand up for Reverend Lowery during the segment. On Lowery, Williams had this to say: "I think Joe Lowery is a part of the civil rights movement. He was one of Dr. King's top lieutenants for many years. What you have to understand is that I think President Bush understood the spirit of the event, it's a civil rights event honoring a civil rights hero, and I thought, I believe he would have been amused by Joe Lowery. Joe Lowery speaking in verse, he's rhyming, you know weapons of mass destruction, weapons of misdirection and the emphasis on their being money for war not money for the poor, isn't keeping with Dr. King's message of non-violence. I would put that in a different category than I put Jimmy Carter's message."

It is odd that Williams chose to stand up for one person in their comments, but for some reason he felt it was not appropriate for Jim Carter - a Fox News favorite target - to simply speak about historical fact.

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