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Dan Senor Insinuates Afghanistan is Not a Democracy

Reported by Janie - February 9, 2006

Yesterday on Dayside, Dan Senor was invited as a guest to briefly discuss the Muslim riots that are occurring throughout the world over cartoons originally printed in a Danish newspaper depicting Mohammed. Yesterday, Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice declared that even though the riots are happening just about everywhere, they were remotely instigated by Iran and Syria, as their power apparently reaches as far as Indonesia. Senor was brought on the show to confirm her remarks; however, he made a very interesting remark that insinuated that Afghanistan is not a democracy.

During the segment, co-host Mike Jerrick asked Senor why the riots had not spread to Iraq. Senor responded saying, "Because Iraq you actually have an embryonic democracy there, and Iraqis are focusing on other things, they're focused on their security, they're focused on electricity, jobs, formation of the new Iraqi government. They don't have time for this noise and sort of distraction."

By Senor's line of reasoning, democracies do not partake in riots or demonstrations such as these, but as he put it during the interview, countries under "dictatorships" do.

It's been reported that these demonstrations and riots have spread to Afghanistan, where on Monday at least 5 people were killed in the demonstrations.

Since 2002 and prior to the Iraq war, the United States has been engaged in a war in Afghanistan to, as Bush has stated, bring democracy to its people. Bush has repeatedly touted the elections that took place, and an entire government web page has been dedicated to promote a "Democratic Afghanistan".

Curiously, the riots and demonstrations ARE taking place in Afghanistan! So does that mean Afghanistan is NOT a democracy by Senor's definition, or was his answer to Jerrick's question nothing more than pure, unadulterated drivel?

Dayside viewers were left with a very unclear and misleading picture of what is taking place in the Muslim world, and his explanations were for those that simply don't have critical thinking skills.

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