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Fox Says We Might Have "Proof" That Saddam Had WMDs After All (Here We Go Again)

Reported by Melanie - February 7, 2006

It was deja view all over again today (February 7, 2006) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. The show opened with BREAKING NEWS that maybe, just maybe, Saddam Hussein had WMD after all!

Cavuto opened the show with a box over his shoulder that read, "Proof WMD's Did Exist?" and he began with:

This is a Fox News Alert! Did Saddam Hussein have weapons of mass destruction after all? Secret tapes of conversations of Saddam and his most trusted lieutenants are now in the hands of congress and if WMDs did exist in Iraq, some believe that these tapes, along with yet-to-be translated documents, may prove where they went.

Cavuto said the New York Sun broke the story this morning while Fox showed a picture of the newspaper's headline, as if that gave it more credibility Cavuto said the House Committee on Intelligence is "studying these tapes very closely and its chairman joins us right now, Republican congressman Pete Hoekstra."

A chyron appeared at the bottom of the screen and remained throughout the segment: "Saddam Tapes May Prove Iraq Had WMDs."

Hoekstra said, "There are 35,000 boxes" of documents that his committee is "trying to get released into the public domain, get them translated so we can have a better idea what was going on in Iraq" prior to the war.

Cavuto asked Hoekstra whether he had listened to any of the tapes. (He hadn't, but hey, we're talkin' Fox News here. What's wrong with producing a segment about what they might reveal, right?) Hoekstra said, "I have not heard the tapes," but we've confirmed it is Saddam's voice and "I've seen some of the transcripts but we're waiting to get more complete and more accurate transcripts."

Cavuto asked Hoekstra what was on the transcript that he saw and Hoekstra said Saddam was "very, very interested in WMD. He was very, very interested in a concealment program from the UN inspectors and those types of things."

Cavuto said "some are suspecting" that "maybe he talks in these documents about getting those weapons into other places like Syria." Is "Syria ever mentioned?"

Hoekstra said the closest they've come to Syria is "what General Sada has talked about, the 56 flights of 747s going from Baghdad to Damascus." He said Saddam was "very intent on destroying documentation before the war so whatever we get may be a gift." He said "Charlie Dulfer" said the "possibility of WMD moving to Syria is real and may warrant further investigation in the future."

Cavuto asked Hoekstra whether he thought WMDs existed and wondered if "they were simply hidden somewhere else, let's say, a country like Syria?" Hoekstra said, "We know that weapons existed at the time. He used them. Everybody acknowledges that worldwide." As for "2002 and 2003, remember this is a guy in the first gulf war that flew his planes to Iran for safekeeping. In the second gulf war, he buried, you know, relatively new MIG 21s in the desert, never to be used again." So for him to move his weapons to Syria or "bury them in the ground, it's not an unreasonable assumption. We've never finished the job. We ought to finish the job so we can have a better understanding of how good or how bad our intelligence was." If he moved them, "they're still out there."

Cavuto said it wouldn't "look well on our intelligence if it never found out what he did with them," to which Hoekstra said, "That's exactly right." We need to "do the post-war intelligence that really needs to be done."

Comment: OMG. What the hell are these guys up to now?

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