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Bolton Insinuates That Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Program

Reported by Donna - February 7, 2006

War seems to be the prevailing discussion on Fox these days. As my fellow News Hound, Janie reported Fox seemed to be making a case for going to war with Syria. On Studio B with Shepard Smith they made another case for war, this time with Iran, now stating as fact that the State Department claims that Iran has the nuclear capabilities and the delivery means for those weapons. Where have we heard those words before?

How ironic that all this talk of war should take place on the day a great woman of peace, Coretta Scott King, was laid to rest.

The following is my transcript of the Iran segment with Shepard Smith and David Asman.

Under the banner of IRAN NUKE SHOWDOWN the segment began.

Shepard Smith: Iran said to be dragged before the U.N. Security Council over it's nuclear program. It's something the United States has been pushing for a long, long time. Now the whole worlds on it. David Asman had a chance to sit down with the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in the National Security Council Chamber. He's out in the newsroom now. Hello David.

David Asman: Hey, Shepard. Well, for a long time we've been dancing around the issue of whether or not Iran had nukes or nuclear capability, anyway, today things seemed to be a little different. We're hearing from the State Department that in fact Iran does have the capability to develop nuclear weapons and the delivery means for those weapons. (My emphasis) And, dancing around the question of whether or not Iran had been referred to the Security Council, some diplomats say (Comment: You did catch the 'some say', didn't you?) it's just a report, a referral is something different. Well, now our Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, is saying, very clearly, it is a referral. Here is what John Bolton had to say just moments ago.

Switch to video with David Asman and John Bolton.

David Asman: Some have said that Iran had just been reported to the Security Council and that that's very different from a referral to the Security Council. What do you say?

John Bolton: The language that the IAEA used is exactly the language in the statute of that organization. This is what we've been trying to do for quite some number of years, now. It's entirely consistent with what the IAEA did on Libya and North Korea, other cases of nuclear weapons programs. (Comment: Whoa, wait a minute, is Bolton saying that Iran has a nuclear weapons program?) So, we're very clear the IAEA has done the necessary.

DA: So, you're confident that what has happened is that Iran has been referred to the Security Council?

JB: That's correct and we've circulated all the documents, the resolutions and the reports as the IAEA, itself, asked for.

Switch back to video of Asman/Smith.

DA: So, Shepard, it's a referral but the problem of course is North Korea was referred to the U.N. Security Council about three years ago. Has that done any good? Not necessarily it can be argued. (Comment: What does he mean by any good? Does he mean we should have gone to war with North Korea by now? I'm puzzled)

SS: You know the scary thing, I think, David is that some people (Comment: Gotcha! Some people again) are hearing the same sort of words they heard before the Iraq war. (Comment: No, you think? Fox is the one saying the words) They're hearing those same words again and worried that, oh my, you know, here we go, our stretched military can get out there and blow things up again.

DA: I know. The president has said a nuclear Iran is quote, an intolerable threat. Well, if it's intolerable and the threat exists, what then? (Comment: Say it David, you know you want to, military strike on Iran)

SS: Yeah, I suppose. Alright David, thank you very much.

Comments: Fox does its best to beat those war drums. Bolton actually said that the IAEA took action comparable to other nations with nuclear weapons programs. I haven't heard anyone claim that Iran actually has a nuclear weapons program. Is this breaking news from the State Department and John Bolton? What happened the last time we listened to the State Department beating the war drums about Iraq's nuclear weapons program? We ended up in a war we never should have been in.

Smith made a feeble attempt at posing how scary this proposition is but there wasn't any debate about it. Asman just did a 1 + 1 = 2 equation, saying the President said a nuclear Iran is an intolerable threat and the State Department says the threat exists, so take it from there. See how easy that is?

I'm frightened that these statements are being used as facts. I've seen no proof. Why is Fox beating the war drums so violently? Do they really want another war or are they trying to get the heat off of the President's illegal, domestic wiretapping scandal?

And like I said, why all the war talk this day, the day when Coretta Scott King, who believed with all of her heart that nonviolence was the only way to go, was laid to rest?

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