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Maher and O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - February 6, 2006

Bill Maher visited O'Reilly tonight to plug the start of the his new season on HBO. It's a good thing that the dates and times for the show stayed posted on screen because O'Reilly said absolutely nothing else about Maher's show. Instead, he tried to maintain control by launching into a preferred issue, Border Security. Maher seemed totally laid back to the point of indifference but even so, managed to keep O'Reilly off balance. 2/06/06

The wall on the border was the first issue raised by O'Reilly. Maher not especially interested in discussing the topic quipped that Beverly Hills would collapse without illegal workers. "And that's a bad thing?," BOR replied.

O'Reilly started his monologue about 2800 miles of unprotected borders and when he mentioned Homeland Security, Maher jumped in to say that he'd be happy if homeland security did anything at all. O'Reilly started to defend them claiming that since we haven't been attacked, they're doing a good job. Maher shot back that Al Qaeda takes it's time planning attacks and don't work on our hurried schedule.

Maher was warming up and he took on Condaleeza Rice for claiming that we had deseminated 2/3 of Al Qaeda and then admitting that she didn't know the size of the organization. Maher said," She pulled the 2/3 out of her behind." Then he added, "How many times have we knocked off the #3 man?"

O'Reilly still tried to defend but Maher was rolling along calling anyone who didn't vote to check ports and chemical plants "traitorous".O'Reilly insisted that Chertoff told him that the ports and chemical plants were checked but Maher didn't waver. He reminded O'Reilly that there was a Bill in congress that was shot down because of the powerful chemical companies. BOR was finally quiet.

O'Reilly tried to bait Maher with a bit about Hollywood bringing up Brokeback Mountain and George Clooney.
He called Clooney a left winger and renamed Brokeback Mountain, Brokeback Puptent. At this point, Maher surprised everyone with his reaction and prevented O'Reilly from putting him into a liberal niche. Maher claimed that Brokeback Mountain was a "chick flick" and since he wasn't married he didn't have to see it. Then he really silenced O'Reilly by saying that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was another gay cowboy movie adding that one of them now makes salad dressing and the other runs a film festival.

It seemed to be a perfect ending for the segment. How can O'Reilly put Maher into the "far far left" category after comments like that. He's an animal rights activist, non-vegan, athiest who likes Ann Coulter. Bill Maher might be an original.

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